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3 Re-purposed Valentine Rackets

I have been collecting vintage rackets for a while now ever since my last post on embroidery art a while back. Those incredible off the wall stitch art installments really inspired me to recreate something similar of my own. And what better way to re-purpose some vintage rackets than this super cute re-purposed project for Valentines day?

Lazy Susan Orange Juice Bottle Cap Makeover

Dear Hubby found this great lazy susan somewhere and brought it home to me for a recycle project, I just love those little thoughtful surprises. I've been wanting to add some vintage Florida flair to the place, and what a perfect chance to bring some of that vibe into the kitchen.

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Calavera Breadboard For Day Of The Dead Decor Score 72%

Calavera Breadboard For Day Of The Dead Decor

I love rummaging through local thrift shops, always on the hunt for something cool to re purpose, collect, or resell. In this case I came across this great odd shaped vintage breadboard and immediately saw the shape of a skull. I love collecting vintage kitchen items especially old time worn wood. They are usually very affordable and lend an air of good old fashioned home cooking to your decor.

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