Christmas Decor With Panache

Add Panache to your holiday decor and give your home an updated look with these ideas from this week’s guest post article by Maxwell Donovan

Take it away Maxwell!

Add Panache to your holiday decor and give your home an updated look with these ideas

– by Maxwell Donovan

We all want our homes to sparkle around the holidays. Decorating the house is a real pleasure for homeowners because it is an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. Giving your home an extra touch of originality with panache is easier than you think, especially if you use Bazaar Velvet, a luxury rug designer that offers an array of awesome decor products. The coolest trend of the season is all about DIY decorations, fancy patterns, stripes and statement corners. This can really help cut corners on spending, which is never a bad idea this time of year. Some people really do spend beyond their means this time of year, I guess that’s why a lifetime mortgage can be really useful for those that qualify. A free lifetime mortgage calculator might help you understand if this is right for you. Update the look of your house for the holidays and check out these amazing décor ideas.

White Christmas tree at Blackmail, via Flickr.
White & Grey With A Hint Of Black

Upbeat Christmas décor for this season is all about whites and greys. Let these two hues get all the attention that they can, and picture a home that’s decorated with the most delicate and graceful ornaments. Enhance the décor with discreet black items, and you’re all set to meet Santa. Choose furry textures for a touch of warmth and depth. They will balance the austere color of the Christmas tree and your living are will look everlasting and vivid. Candle lights and silverware complete the look, giving your place a luxurious appeal with panache that all guests will envy.

feather wreath
Romantic textures & prints

For this year, we can go a little further with the aromas, colors and textures when decorating our homes for Christmas. Mixing and matching prints for added movement might be a great idea; choose the best curtains for the windows and complement the overall design of the living and dining area. Paper-wrapped gifts placed under the tree, a pile of books on the coffee table near those nice pinecone candles, and textured throw pillows by the fireplace will make your home feel warm and festive.

holiday mantel via good housekeeping
Less Is More

A graceful and elegant living room doesn’t have to be overcrowded with decorations of all sorts and kinds. Less is more, even around Christmas. Choose a beautiful tree and stick to natural decorations. Don’t over-decorate and allow the greenness to dominate the whole room. Don’t overlook the fireplace, and choose ornaments that are in the same tone with the rest of the room. An uncluttered, vivid décor is highly appreciated because it will make your home feel fresh and organized.

Create Magic With White & Gold Accents

Classic shades of red and green are overrated when decorating your home for the holidays. The newest trend for this season is all about white and gold. The combination is perfect if you want to create a magic, alluring atmosphere. Craft the most magical aesthetic and focus on white linens and ornaments. Spice things up with glittery gold, and you’re all set. Use delicate tulle for the Christmas tree and candles, and use Nordic décor tips for some more inspiration.

Scandinavian-inspired décor is fascinating. It is both minimalistic but also comforting and warm. Woody accents, furry textures, and white hues spread all over the house are everything you need for a modern décor. Lack of color can add coziness; you just have to focus on proper lighting and quality ornaments.

festive oranges with panache
Add A Modern Touch With Tropical Fruit

A modern Christmas often means showcasing the most exotic and unusual decorations. However, if you’re not that crazy about overspending, you can easily recreate that sophisticated allure with tropical fruit. Add citrus fruit when placing ornaments and decorations around the house, displaying oranges among wintery greenery and pine cones. We love tropical fruits because they’re interesting and they can make a long-lasting impression in minutes. Put your creativity to good use and let the aroma of fresh oranges become omnipresent in your home.

What do we need to make our homes look and feel welcoming for the holidays without spending a fortune? To add some panache to your current décor, it all start with accessorizing to create a soothing atmosphere. Ornaments are key, although you shouldn’t go over the top. Keep thing neat and simple, and the end result will exceed your expectations. Go on a fabric sale for your living room, and invest in quality linens, nice table mats, throw pillows, and fancy curtains. This way, you’ll add more comfort into home, conveying a festive allure that your friends and family will adore.

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Maxwell Donovan loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He is a contributing author for Vannessa Arbuthnott : A site offering designer fabrics, wallpapers, upholstery furniture and rugs. He keeps sharing his ideas and latest trends in interior designing through his articles.

Maxwell Donovan

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