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Glass Blooms Yard Art Update

As requested , I am adding some additional detailed side shots of my glass blooms yard art. As you can see they are mostly layered with three vintage glass pieces attached together with a weather resistant compound.
The paint used is a high quality imported European paint formula that is baked on for weather resistant durability.

A Yard Art Update

  I will update again after I add the hanging fixtures for indoor wall and outdoor garden display. And share the technique I plan on using. I have seen many of these glass blooms online and everyone seems to use a different way of attaching their hangers, but I have a great one in mind with a multiple display method, so keep posted!

 Have you made these yet? They have been all the rage online are a really fun project to crate and look absolutely fabulous sparkeling in the sunshine. Just be sure to bring them indoors during the winter or the cold may cause them to crack. Luckily we dont have that problem down here in south Florida I can enjoy them year round!

Online I have found many ways to display these. Some glue a bottle to the back, or use metal clamps, but I find this poses a problem if you want to hang them flat on the wall as opposed to planting them on a stake to be used as yard art. Im thinking Hockey Pucks would solve that problem.

I would love to hear about your yard art method of display!

You can view the full frontal view of these pieces: on the first post
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