10 Decor Tips For Your Patio or Terrace- by Maxwell Donovan

Summer is right around the corner, and the time is here to update the outdoor decor to beat the heat in style. Here are some helpful decor tips from this week’s contributing author Maxwell Donovan to create a welcoming outdoor space.

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10 Decor Tips For Your Patio Or Terrace – by Maxwell Donovan

Your patio or terrace is a part of your house and it is important to make the most of every area you have available. Properly decorated either can be a wonderful spot to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening sky, or simply watch the world go by. There are several tricks to ensure you have the right décor, this will ensure your space is a valued addition to your home:

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A small table in a bright color can create a striking effect, it also won’t overwhelm your patio or terrace but should still be big enough to have a potted plant and your morning tea, or even your evening whiskey!

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Go Vertical

Smaller gardens can quickly become crowded and reduce both the impact and your enjoyment when you sit in them. However, any terrace or patio can be made to look stylish and attractive by using a vertical space. Planted pots can be mounted to the wall with beautiful colored plants to create a stunning effect.

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Side Tables

A small table can be a useful addition to any patio or terrace. The top will allow you to create an interesting display and underneath will be a useful storage space. It can also be painted a bright color to add to the vibrancy of the space.

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Potting Table

Save money and beautify your outside space. You can create a simple table from pallets and build a planting box into the middle of it. This will become a useful and decorative accessory which will help to make the most of the available space.

outdoor garden lighting

A warm light, such as that from a low powered light bulb, will add a cozy, romantic feel to any terrace or patio without making the space feel cramped. For some more intimacy, include candles on the tables, candle lights are incredibly romantic and relaxing, they will instantly transform the way your summer terrace looks.

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Rugs are not just for inside! It is possible to get a hardwearing outside rug which can add character to your terrace whilst defining the space.  It can also add a warm feeling to a cold evening.

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Mini garden

If the terrace or even your patio is all you have for a garden then you can create your own, mini garden.  It is best to create this in a stone pot, preferably in a unique shape. You can include a variety of hardy plants which will add color and a natural feel to your patio or terrace, without decreasing the space available.

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Stone decoration

Stones can be painted, or even have a variety of beautiful gems glued to them. They will enliven the room and help to make the space feel personal. Stones are also free and take just a little amount of time to convert into beautiful accessories.

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The window box

The window box can be installed on a window overlooking your terrace, in your patio, or even on a wall on your terrace. The box is simply to mount and can have a variety of different flowers throughout the year, it is guaranteed to add color, style and sophistication to any space.

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It may not be the first thing you think of but there is a wide variety of drapes which can be hung outside. These can help to separate your space, gain privacy or even set the atmosphere. The drapes you choose must be durable, washable and preferably mildew resistant.

A drape is likely to blow in the wind, when it is a gentle breeze this can be a romantic effect, when the wind gets stronger it is possible that the drapes can get tangled or even damage other items. To avoid this you will need to add small weights to the bottom of the drape. This will help keep them in place. You can also tie them back to create a framed view of your patio or garden.

Transform your terrace into a summer retreat and accessorize it to make it feel more intimate and romantic. Simple additions will have the greatest impact, so it’s time to put your imagination to work.

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