7 Creative Repurposed Garden Containers - By Ella Andrews

I would like to introduce freelance writer, and contributing author Ella Andrews I hope her garden containers will inspire you to think outside the box and incorporate some great junk finds into your own garden space.

Take it away Ella!

7 Creative Repurposed Garden Containers – By Ella Andrews

Wondering what to do with your old or unnecessary stuff? Transform the regular household items into unique and offbeat garden containers and give your home, backyard or balcony a fresh green tinge.

Almost any item around your place can be upcycled into a beautiful planting pot. The key is to consider your space and the individual preferences of your greenery. In addition, you also need to ensure proper drainage. Some materials such as plastic allow poking holes into their surface, while other types like rubber and metal require drilling holes. Line the bottom of the container with medium-sized stones and then add organic pot soil for your plants. Here are a couple of easy-to-make upcycled planter ideas:

1- Tin, Jars, And Baskets

Old jars and tins are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about recycled garden planters. There is really no limit to the type and number of containers you can use for your flawless gardening projects. Here is a list of just some of things you may use:

  • tin/coffee cans
  • mason jars
  • detergent box
  • egg cartons
  • baby food jars
  • plastic food containers
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2 – Kitchen Items

If you have cups, teapots and bowls that don’t belong to any of your serveware collection, you may want to save these for your garden. Use the mismatched pieces to make pretty succulent planters. You have a handful of options including mugs, pots, pans, oil cans and bottles. An old metal colander works great as a hanging planter. The good thing is that you don’t need to drill holes, in order to hang it and drain it. Some Timber Fencing would also be a great option in this situation so I hear.

3 – Expired Electronics

Think again before you toss your broken computer monitor or television. Breathe new life to old appliances by turning them into bizarre pots. Start by gutting the computer and remove the innards. Then fill it with small stones and soil and plant your greenery. You can spray paint the planter to suit your interior or to mask any flaws.

4 – Toys

A toy planter is a lovely double duty piece that will serve as a cute decoration and a succulent planter. Since most of the plastic toys are shallow, you need to drill holes and you will be good to go. If you feel crafty, you can also try with wooden pieces.

5 – Recycled Paper

Did you know that you can make a pot from recycled newspapers? Yes, that’s right. Just stick to the black and white pages. Unlike black inks, coloured inks may contain toxins that are not safe for your plants.

6 – Tires

There are plentiful of ways to incorporate old tires in your gardening projects. You can craft them into hanging planters or you can cut them to make tire pots. There are other methods for planting in whole tires. It’s up to you.

7- Furniture

With a little imagination, you can turn almost any furniture piece into a garden planter. Anything from chairs and drawers to dressers, night stands and filing cabinets have the potential of becoming an ideal place for your favorite greenery. And when the weather isn’t perfect, it might be a good idea to check out Shedman Glasgow. I hear they have a fantastic range of sheds to store your lovely garden furniture. You will be amazed how easy is to remodel everyday furniture to suit your garden needs. One of my friends is very eco-concious and decided to buy garden furniture from somewhere similar to recycled plastic building materials because they use 100% reuseable materials, this went nicely with their garden planter.

Combine your green thumb with your crafty side and try these ingenious planters made out of upcycled materials.

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Ella Andrews is dedicated writer, blogger and aesthete who finds her greatest inspiration in home decorating, gardening and landscaping projects. She likes to discover beauty everywhere around and this is what gives her huge motivation for her work. For more helpful tips visit: gardenershithergreen.org.uk

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