Pallet shower for the garden by Unique Junktique

Why A Pallet Shower?

Whats a junk lovin, repurposing gal to do when told she needs a whole new septic system? Create an upcycled outdoor shower of course! Especially when its going to take up to 12 weeks to get the permit for work to begin.

Creating A Pallet Shower for the Garden

When realizing our dilemma, the one good thing I was able to spit out is… ” Thank God Its Summer- Time!”

pallet shower 2 by uniquejunktique

Pallet Sourcing

With a little research, I found a local supplier who lets em go for 1.50 each! So of course I grabbed 10, all the little red truck could carry. I will be picking up more for a really big pallet project I have planned out.

pallet shower 3 by uniquejunktique

The Foundation, and Privacy

The hardest part of this project was laying the concrete paver foundation. Making sure they were level and square. I used some we had lying around and pieced them together. After screwing 3 pallets together to create a wall and then attaching them to an old aluminum awning, the privacy factor was up to a great start. Some extra boards were added to the top to give the corner some additional height.

pallet shower 6

Privacy Screen

The pallet still had spaces between the boards, and I didn’t want to have to add more to create a solid wall for privacy, so I decided to hang a shower curtain instead, with some hooks.

pallet shower 7

The Curtain

Simply trimmed down the vinyl curtain to length, and now my modest daughter should have no problem feeling comfortable.

pallet shower 8


Added some scraps of wood between the boards to create simple shelving for the bottles of suds.

pallet shower 4

Additional Storage

I previously created this colander storage whatchamacallit for housing fruits, onions and such in the kitchen, but I kept forgetting what was in there as I couldn’t see inside, so I moved it out here for guest soaps, shampoos and scrubby stuff. goes great with the awning and is super handy too!

pallet shower 10

Lighting and Support

The pallet shower wall was a bit rickety feeling, I knew if the kids hung on it a few times it would topple, so a 4 x 4 post was cemented in the ground and screwed to the fencing for support, a great little solar powered fence post light was added to the top. and I added the iron foot mat to help cover the sand.

pallet shower 12


The plumbing part was easy, My Dad had this old outdoor shower at his place that he never used anymore, It worked perfectly! The teak deck is a bit rotted and I will have to remove it and affix the main post to the wall. You could piece the hardware together pretty easily with some piping and parts from the local hardware, but I was lucky. For now all I had to do was screw on the hose and we are good to go! Although, I did need to make sure I had a professional check over my drain service, I really don’t want my drains clogging up! There’s nothing worse that having plumbing issues in your home! This has an effect on pretty much everything. Initially, I thought the pinhole leak was a minor issues, but it has started to get worse. I think it may be time to call in the professionals to get this sorted. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

pallet shower 11

Livin The Outdoor Life

Now some people may be a bit put off by showering outside on the long term, but we are a family of tent campers who are used to roughing it so it’s really no problem for us,….. although I may need to add another curtain for my daughter on the open end. Plus I love having it for when your all sweaty from doing yardwork in the hot Florida sun!

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