Things have been quiet on the blog as of late..
but it’s time to break the silence.
no I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth
or given up on my blogging or creative endeavors,
I just needed to place them on the back burner the past few months.

Time to Be Brave and Break The Silence

One Positive Thought
 During the holidays we found out that my sister has come down with Hep2 breast cancer. No one in our family has had any type of cancer and we have had no previous up close experience with this devastating disease. So needless to say the whole clan has been dealing with a lot as you well may imagine. My Mom has been travelling back and forth between her place in Ga. and staying with me to help care for my sister who has just gone through her second round of chemotherapy last week….. and my sister just lost her pride and joy,…. her hair.




You may remember her photo from this past post…


The whole reality of all this has just thrown e for a loop, and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to blog let alone create anything these past few months. I’ve been in a rut mustering up strength and support and in fear and turmoil on the inside.


Normally I’m not one to whine and complain, or air my dirty laundry. I just felt I needed to give everyone a heads up as to what’s been happening over here in my little chunk of the universe. And it feels great to break the silence.


We did a little lantern lighting of well wishes for her to help cheer her up… here’s a short video I took.


I do have some furniture pieces I will be sharing very soon,.. heck its only taken me three months to complete them…. gotta put on my big girl panties get back in the groove, and projects off the back burner cause the creative groove is where I am happiest after all.









…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”