I love rummaging through local thrift shops, always on the hunt for something cool to re purpose, collect, or resell. In this case I came across this great odd shaped vintage breadboard and immediately saw the shape of a skull. I love collecting vintage kitchen items especially old time worn wood. They are usually very affordable and lend an air of good old fashioned home cooking to your decor. My Sister has an obsession with Day Of The Dead for her Halloween decor, her place looks like you were transported to Mexico on the First of November for the celebration. She really goes all out and has created quite a few of her own decorations for the holiday. Naturally, she came to mind when I grabbed this piece for a song to transform it into a stellar Calavera breadboard Christmas gift for her this year. Shhh keep it under wraps… don’t tell her.

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Thrift Stores are the perfect place to find affordable vintage kitchen collectibles

My first attempt at a wood burning project, here are the tools I picked up that I used. A beginners level wood burning tool. and a book that includes some basic instructions. You can find them on Amazon  Here is a shot of the freehand pencil sketch I used as my basic guide, with the tools.

calavera breadboard pencil sketch

Why wood burn and not paint a breadboard?

I have always wanted to try wood burning, and in my mind its a perfect way to decorate a calavera breadboard or any item that you would use for food. Let me tell you why: Its permanent and food safe. I personally would not use paint for an item like this, sure it would look great and colorful. But also I don’t want my food items touching chemical applications, or all my hard decorating work being worn or washed off. Of course you would use the opposite side for actual cutting to keep the design intact and looking its best, but what if I wanted to use it as a serving board, I want to see that design and not have to worry about toxic stuff touching the food. If I have an item on display, I want to be able to use this fabulous Calavera breadboard.

Things for display should be used in a small space

In my tiny kitchen, almost all of my decor items are used regularly. I simply do not have much space for non essential fluff.  You can see in my kitchen post, ( before I changed things up a bit ) how I take advantage of using every possible square inch for storage.

Calavera Breadboard Detail

My experience with the new tools I used

The Creative Versatool:

I purchased this handy dandy burner for two reasons, One its a starter tool I didn’t want to invest a large sum into a wire burner for a first time project. Two it is truly versatile it burns wood, leather, plastics, fabric, foam, stencils, paper, and also works as a soldering tool – a really nice feature. It comes with various burning tips, and a temperature control knob. Using a soldering tool is not new to me as I create stained glass and have a lot of experience using heat element tools. That being said, this inexpensive tool is easy to use with the interchangeable tips, and temperature adjustment. I would recommend this as a nice hobby tool for a beginner to intermediate crafter.

Woodburning With Style :

This is a great book for the beginner as well as the advanced wood burning artist, with nine step by step projects explaining texture and pattern samples, lettering, silhouettes, and portraits, with basic to advanced techniques. Covering both solid point machines like the one I used here, and hot wire machines for the more advanced pyrographic artist. A great book that I know will carry me well into my wood burning adventures!

Calavera Breadboard
Hope you enjoyed my Calavera Breadboard, and inspired you to try out wood burning for yourself. I know this wont be my only project because it was a lot of fun to create, and I think it came out pretty good for my first time.

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