Octobers theme for Fabulous Furniture Flipping Contest “Spray It Pretty”

I have been wanting to create a Coral Branch dresser theme for a while now to add a nice pop of color in a tropical themed mostly blue ocean bedroom. I thought it would be the perfect chance to try out this fab color of chalk paint I have been swooning over in a sprayer and really put it to the test. Entrants this month were to complete their projects with a sprayer and were generously supplied with a Finish Max from Home-Right how exciting! I have been dying to try out one of these babies for a while now as I have seen some great projects and have been reading wonderful reviews about how easy they are to use and the great finish you get with one. So of course I eagerly signed right up to Spray It Pretty!

*This is a sponsored post, I have received products used to complete this project. Please review my Disclosure Page for more details on the disclosure policy.

The Coral Branch Dresser

The Before, and Blessings From Friends

A friend brought me this rescued piece that someone she knew was going to put out to the curb. Don’t you just love it when that happens? The word gets out that you re-fab furniture and the next thing you know people are bringing you pieces they know shouldn’t be discarded. Thanks so much Rosie for thinking of me! Let me tell you, friends are just blessing me this month. My other girlfriend Jody over at She’s So Shabby in Boca is now selling her own line of chalky paint. And she had a custom blend mixed up for me last minute to color match Mama’s Lipstick – a hue I have been dying to try out. Thanks so much girlfriend – you got me out of a bind. A shipment never would have made it here in time for the contest deadline. -she’s on Facebook, check her out… Big shout outs to my gal friends….. gotta love ya – lovely ladies! This dresser is so ready to Spray It Pretty!

spray it pretty Coral Dresser Before

The Process

I have to admit I was a little hesitant about trying out chalk paint in the sprayer, in fear of gunking it up. I knew it needed to be thinned out before spraying, I thinned mine down by 1 C paint to 4 Tbsp water, and since I never used this brand before, I was sure to strain it first in a fine mesh metal strainer.


Setting up the sprayer was so easy, just a quick run through the directions, it was pretty simple. Then I tested out the spray patterns as suggested to get used to how the sprayer handled. It sprayed like a dream, no spatters, no clumps and I was good to go! The whole piece literally took only a few minutes to spray it pretty, I spent more time waiting for the first coat to dry, to apply the second coat!

Paint Quantity:

I ended up using a whole Quart of paint on this piece, more than If I were to have brushed it on, but it was so worth it! the finish was UH- mazing! and a huge time saver to boot, This sprayer and I are going to have one long intense relationship! Here is a shot after one coat applied with the sprayer, isn’t that color gorgeous? yes I always paint upside down first coat, to get all the legs and undersides painted easily. I am also always sure to paint the backs.

spray it pretty Coral Branch Dresser In Process

The Stencil and Planned Hardware

I purchased this great coral branch stencil online, and was having fits because my orders were taking forever to arrive in the mail. I was stressing that they would not arrive in time to complete my project. The stencil and the coral branch hardware I also purchased for this piece literally arrived yesterday afternoon. To my dismay the coral branch hardware was way to small for the piece and would have been lost in the design, so they were cast off for another day. I searched and searched for the perfect hardware, you know the ones, the coral branch drawer pulls? I could only find them at $12 a pop on Ebay, they would have been perfect but I wasn’t about to throw that much into hardware, so I went with an alternative that was to small….. things just work out that way sometimes., and plans get thwarted.

spray it pretty coral branch dresser stencil

The Details

Here is a detailed shot of the coral branch stencil, done with Metallic in warm silver. Funny I just realized I am on a roll this month, seems I’ve been obsessed with shimmery gold tones this is my third piece this month using the hue. I contemplated painting the hardware but thought it looked much better in its original bronze state, it created more of a contrast. I gave this piece a very lite fine distress to the edges for some vintage authenticity, but the sprayer created such a fine finish that this piece needs nothing but a very light sanding before the finishing coat, if I were waxing this piece it would need no sanding whatsoever, but I plan on giving it a poly finish as this piece is for a little girls room and I want that added extra durability.

spray it pretty Coral Branch Dresser Detail

The Money Shot:

Here is the final shot of the semi finished piece, all done except for the final coat of Poly. Unfinished because I really wanted to do some research and perhaps get some feedback from my fellow furniture flippers on using poly-acrylic in the sprayer. I’ve never used it in a sprayer before and was wondering what your results have been? Do you spray on your poly-acrylic, or use the wipe on polyurethane method? I am a little hesitant about using any oil based products in my sprayer, I prefer the milder water based cleanup without all the chemical fumes and such. Come on ladies, whats your preferred method do you spray it pretty with poly or wipe it on?

Note: This post will be updated with the official final shot after the top coat has been applied.
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spray it pretty Coral Branch Dresser Complete


Well after seeing this post by my bloggy friend Kathy over at Petticoat Junktion, “ How To Apply Clear Sealer With A Paint Sprayer “. I realized, yes It can be done!  Thanks Kathy for the low down! And congrats to Bobby J. who won the Home Right sprayer in Kathy’s giveaway! Will post the final shot after shes dried….

Using a water based topcoat in the sprayer was super easy, it left a beautiful even durable finish to the piece that cannot be compared. And was even easier to clean up the sprayer than when using paint.

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