Farmhouse Fun writing desk

July Fab Furniture Flipping Contest – “Farmhouse Fun With OFMP”

I have been meaning to try out Milk Paint for some time now, and yay for me the sponsor for this month’s Fab Furniture Flipping Contest™ just happens to be The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. therefore, I get to try out this wonderful medium for the first time. I have to admit I am a just a little over excited to see how this one chooses to chip up! This is a farmhouse fun inspired piece after all, and the suspense is all part of the fun for me!

*This is a sponsored post, I have received products used to complete this project.  All product opinions are entirely my own, regardless of sponsorship. Please review my Disclosure Page for more details on the disclosure policy. I do not receive affiliate sales commissions from this post.

OFMP instagram product shot

The Products

The OFMP provided the contestants with a choice of products to complete their projects. I chose Soldier Blue, and Tavern Green milk paint, Extra Bond which prevents chipping and helps the paint to adhere to previously finished pieces. And the Safecoat finishing topcoat.

desk before shot

The Before

This is the before shot of what I started this project with, after some repair to the back piece. Can you believe I found this vintage beauty roadside? Sure she needed some help but just take a gander of those little spindle legs and quirky whatnot hideaway on this charming desk, I just could not let it go to the dump! She has way to much potential.

writing desk repair 1

The Repairs

First the repairs needed to be addressed, and this piece definitely had its share of repair work. The back piece was cracked in quite a few places and needed some help with wood putty, glue, and clamps. In addition to all that,  this baby needed some help with replacement wood too.

writing desk repair 2

A Bit of New Wood

Replacement wood was needed because an integral side section for the hideaway nook was missing. Being vintage of course it has quirky odd sized wood pieces. The home improvement store didn’t have the right sized width of wood to match the original, so both sides were replaced with new wood for an even match. The the scrolled pattern was copied with the help of my trusty jigsaw, and the notches for the hideaway nook pieces were added. I could have saved a lot of time by just doing away with the whole top, but I loved, and needed to save it’s vintage charm!

writing desk repair 3 WM

Keeping Vintage Integrity

Repairs are all and good, but sometimes the imperfections are what brings out the best in a piece for some farmhouse fun. The bottom shelf need some structural gluing to give the piece some added stability. The cracks on the shelf, and the original patina on the top and knobs were left to retain it’s vintage character.

writing desk first coat

First Coat

Before the first coat everything was cleaned up with a little TSP.  I did a 50/50 mix of the Tavern Green and Soldier Blue for the first layer. Extra Bond was added to the painted pieces on the top of the desk only, as I did not want to chance the repairs to peeping through the expected chippy layers.

Detail Shots

The Farmhouse Fun Writing Desk was layered off with a top coat of Soldier Blue. Due to the fact that the piece was so old and the original finish was worn down so much there wasn’t much of a slick finish left for the paint to lend off its chipping effect as much as I had originally hoped.

The chipping factor had to be coaxed somewhat with my trusty sander to show off the underlying coat. I did a litle test of the safecoat vs a clear wax on the backside to compare the two, and I found the wax did a much better job of evening out and darkening the color to my liking, so that’s what I finished her off with.

writing desk detail 1
writing desk detail 11
writing desk detail 3
writing desk detail 4
writing desk detail 5
writing desk detail 6
writing desk detail 7
writing desk detail 8
writing desk detail 9
writing desk detail 10
Creating Some Farmhouse Fun with Staging

My collection of farmhouse fun decor is next to nothing in my place, so creating a staged piece with farmhouse flair was a bit challenging for me. An old door found roadside today as a focal, with some flowers and a vintage stained glass window I created a while back, all thrown together in a vignette is my idea of farmhouse fun on a whim.

 staged by UniqueJunktique July 2016 | #FabFlippinContest #oldfashionedmilkpaint #sponsor
 feature photo by UniqueJunktique July 2016 #FabFlippinContest #oldfashionedmilkpaint #ad


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Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

The original, all-natural paint with the soft chalky finish, and the original powdered formula, since 1974. Just add water and paint! Producing zero-voc Old Fashioned Milk Paint & Safe Paint milk paint for walls, Antique Crackle, Extra-Bond and distributors of Daddy Van’s Beeswax, AFM Safecoat Acriglaze Matte Finish and Hope’s 100% Tung Oil.


  • 6 Qts of OFMP Milk Paint, colors of choice
  • 1 Qt Extra Bond
  • 1 Pt of Antique Crackle
  • 1 5-oz Tin Of Daddy Van’s Clear Wax, scents of choice
  • 1 2-0z Tin of Daddy Van’s Antique Brown Wax
  • 1 2- 0z Tin of Daddy Van’s Shadow Black Wax

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