August 2015 Fab Furniture Flipping Contest Entry by Unique Junktique

“Icing on The Cake” is this months theme for The Fab Furniture Flipping Contest. For August, entrants were asked to embellish a piece of furniture. So of course I just had to enter as I adore adding bling to my pieces!

August’s Sponsor D Lawless Hardware was good enough to supply us with the bling of our choice to add that extra icing on the cake. I chose to create an homage to one of my favorite getaway destinations, the islands of the Florida Keys. And D Lawless had some hardware to fit this island dresser perfectly.
*This is a sponsored post, I have received products used to complete this project. Please review my Disclosure Page for more details on the disclosure policy.
island dresser before shot

This is the island dresser in its original condition as found roadside, not so pretty now…. wait for it….

Island dresser back

Structurally it was in pretty good condition, except for scratches and dings. The Backside was another story altogether, the piece had gotten wet somewhere along the line and the layers of veneer had totally separated. Good thing I know a cabinet maker and got this replacement piece for free!

island dresser trim work

Since I was going with an island dresser theme, I chose some trim work that looked like rope. Mitered all the corners and painted with Chalk Paint.

dresser brad close up

Found a great nautical map supplier online, and chose the Florida Key Island group from Sugarloaf to Big Pine Key. I figured some nails would be good enough, after trial and error…hmmmm,  lets try them on an angle … there we go that helped a lot!

dresser trim clamps

Since the island dresser had a bow front, I was concerned that the brads would not be enough to secure them, I was right there was to much of an arc. Went to the store three times for supplies and glue strong enough. Yup they still needed to be clamped anyway.

island dresser hardware

Originally when this island piece popped into my head a few months back I wanted to use boat cleats, Um at 14.00 a pop for stainless ones.. that idea was quickly thrown out! Arnt these handles from D Lawless a great alternative, I think so!

I really love them the quality is outstanding, the only drawback is that they only came with long screws to long for the with of my dresser drawer front which resulted in me having to cut them down with a dremel tool. Most hardware comes with two sized screws.

Island Dresser Sugarloaf
Island Dresser Marine
Island Dresser Big Pine

What and what not to do on a mahogany piece to get great results:

This island dresser project turned out pretty labor intensive, let me tell you why….  Typically I use waterbased polycrylic on the tops for durability,  rushing to get this project completed I so used what I had on hand to seal the piece before painting…water based white primer , and I got bleed through!  Thought I would save it with my trusted polycrylic…. yeah I know what you’re thinking…

Don’t know what I was thinking, and used Polycrylic….. big mistake no 2…… it would not dry… tacky and more bleed through…BIG sticky mess!  says right on the can do not use polycrylic over mahogany ( in tiny writing) plus polycrylic doesn’t jive with the chemical properties of the white base coat silly ….. which lead me to strip the whole thing…. and start over….. REDO…. ok  Big sigh,…

After losing one whole day to stripping, I was left with dark orange hands. As I can only wear gloves for so long, then my hands get all sweaty, slimy and wrinkled ick! Did I mention how much I hate stripping? Back to the drawing board…

Island Dresser Collage
Florida Keys Map Dresser by UniqueJunktique
Before and After Island Dresser

Pin Me Baby!

Few coats of polyurethane on bare stained wood to seal, painted with Chalk paint in Elegance 50/50 with Simplicity to tone it down, Cheesecake for the top and trim, distress. Seal the body with wax, and seal the top with polycrylic for durability, good to go! Thank goodness. add decoupage map and trim…. and finished this island dresser just under the deadline… whew!

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