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 Fridays Furniture Fix 134

I have an announcement, We are officially on Hiatus Ya’ll! Regretfully I will have to let this weekly venture come to an end to spend quality time with my family over the Summer.


As you may or may not know, my daughter was ill last week and had an appendectomy so last weeks party was put off. She’s doing fine now and can finally go swimming as of today! She is so happy as she’s a beach baby. Anyhow, during that week I was with her in the hospital I had a lot of breathing time on my hands to reevaluate my time, and how it is spent. Summer Fun with my family simply takes precedence.

My kids are growing up so fast, and my parents are really getting on. Before I know it my kids will be gone and off to College, or just to cool to hang with Mom anymore ya know?  Besides the fact that my folks won’t be able to go camping or kayaking forever,  no matter how spry they seem to me.  My blog is going to have to take back burner as I really need to take advantage of Summer Fun with my family while we can still enjoy it together.

So I may post some projects over the Summer that I plan on doing with my kiddos, I do foresee some fun Summer art projects with them coming up. Or I may just take a full on break, I may start Fridays Furniture Fix back up after school starts, we’ll see how it goes…

In the meantime, I’ll see you around in the FB Groups and Instagram,… But for now PEACE OUT and enjoy your Summer!


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