I was inspired by some funky glass blooms I saw on Pinterest, and thought I would give a go at making some of my own, and I am glad I did because this project was really fun! 

 Well I finally have gotten around to completing a photo shoot for my vintage glass. I still have to attach the hangers on the back which will enable them to be displayed as yard art mounted on a rebar stake, or to be hung from the wall as an indoor art piece. Now I need to figure out an imaginative way to display them in the garden!

I experimented with a few different brands of glass paint from Michaels, but none quite fit the bill. I did some research online and came across a line of glass paint that I feel is the best on the market as far as durability, better color quality and selection, requires less coats for coverage, and ease of use. The line has an array of colors in glossy, shimmer and frosted to achieve different looks. I highly recommend them! I bought the kit, and some extra paints, its the best bang for your buck.

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Glued together with super strong UV resistant polymers, the adhesive I use will not yellow, crack or degrade from the sunlight. Hand washing is recommended as I have not tested them in the dishwasher repeatedly.

I really cant capture the beauty of these. The iridescent colors used don’t show up well in the photos, but they really sparkle in the sunlight..

Has Pinterest inspired you to create anything? I would love to hear about your project!
painted vintage glass flower art
You can see the side views of these pieces:  on this updated post