diorama graveyard pumpkin by Unique Junktique
I have been busy creating another Halloween decor project this week,
I had this little Spooky Town graveyard scene by Lexmark from a few years back, with no real way to display it. So I decided to make a diorama graveyard pumpkin with it. Here is how it turned out.

Spooky Diorama Graveyard Pumpkin

Isn’t it Spooky and all together Oooky? Here are the materials used from Michael’s:
  • Graveyard scene from Lemax
  • One white medium sized pumpkin 
  • Mini Blue Star Christmas battery powered light set by Lemax
  • Acrylic paints
  • Mod Podge in Matte
  • Pearl X Powder
  • Martha Stewart Insect Decoupage papers
  • Moss
  • Antiquing Glaze
  • Great Stuff from Home Depot
graveyard pumpkin wiring

Start out with a medium white pumpkin, cut out edge scene with exacto knife,
I freehanded mine but you could easily use a stencil and lightly pencil on your cut out design.

Superglue the lights to the inside of the pumpkin,Paint the interior, I used various brands of acrylic craft paints in very dark shades of purple and black.

Cut small hole in back for light set to fit through, I had to fix one of the connections with a tap of solder!

graveyard pumpkin ground effects

There was a large gap between the scene and the bottom of the pumpkin, this is where the Great Stuff came into play, be sure to wear surgical gloves and use very sparingly. This stuff really expands and it is very, very sticky and messy! The foam expanded a lot more than I wanted and I had to remove quite a bit with an exacto knife.

Next carve out the ground effects of rock and soil, Then paint over the ground with moss greens and browns, and apply small amounts of reindeer moss with some glue on the inside to achieve a realistic effect.

graveyard Pumpkin-side-view

Next came the decoupage, simply apply a thin layer of mod podge to the area you want to apply the cutout to, then apply a thin layer to the back of your cutout, place on pumpkin smooth out bubbles and bends to the pumpkin form let dry, and apply a few coats over each cutout for protection.

graveyard pumpkin-side-2

The paper edges of the cutouts were a lot whiter than the pumpkin itself so I applied antiquing glaze over the whole thing with a stipple brush to get in all the grooves, and to give the piece a grungy graveyard feel.

Then I painted on some blue iridescent highlights to the bugs to accent the interior blue light, with gel medium and some Pearl X powder in True Blue,  Then highlighted the moon cutout with a touch of acrylic yellow. Finally to finish it off add a touch of airmoss with tiny drops of superglue to the outside for an added creepy effect.

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I think the creep factor on this one shines! Hope I inspired you to create your own spooky graveyard pumpkin for All Hallows Eve!
Remember to…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”
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