My favorite holiday Halloween is right around the corner! I was super excited to receive an invitation to attend a Halloween crafty event over at the Creative Paperclay Blog, with a chance to apply for Their Design Team! I was already working on this Halloween parade sticks paper clay project, how lucky!

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Vintage Inspired Halloween Parade Sticks

 Vintage Inspired Halloween Parade Sticks
Creative Paperclay Halloween Linkup Graphic
 When it comes to Holiday Decor nothing makes my heart beat faster than vintage Halloween postcard image art, Clapsaddle, Bestile, Hall, Whitney, Winch, Tucker, Spooner, The German cards and so many great artists from that era.Vintage Paper mache I simply adore, and oh those adorable lanterns! Bethany Lowe has done a bang up job in recreating vintage images and more into modern Holiday decor. 
I have been amassing digital vintage Halloween images for a few years now, and find myself referring to them for inspiration for my own holiday art.
Vintage Halloween Postcard Collage
I decided to create my own Halloween Parade sticks for my project. I prefer using paper clay medium as an alternative to the traditional paper mache because well living in south Florida, palmetto bugs love that flour paper concoction, and I abhor those nasty critters! I certainly don’t want to attract them to my Halloween storage bins with a buffet. Just makes my skin crawl…ICKY!! Plus added bonus, paper clay is a lot cleaner and easier to work with. You can really sculpt with it wonderfully!
Materials used, can be found at Michael’s ( accept for the vintage doo dads and lentils! ) :
3″ paper mache balls 
dried lentils
wood dowel rods
poster board
masking tape
paper clay medium 
acrylic paints
spray sealer
buttons ( from my collection )
ribbons, felt balls, lace 
I didn’t take shots during the process but here are the basic steps:
  1. Drill hole in ball same size as dowel, fill with a handful of lentils ( for the rattle sound).
  2. Put a glob of hot glue on tip of stick and insert stick as far as it will go, make sure to make contact with top of ball inside, this will help prevent the stick from shifting around, glue with hot glue gun at base where ball and dowel meet. Don’t worry about being perfectly neat this area will be covered up.
  3. To create a hat, make a form with the poster board and masking tape, tape hat to ball.
  4. Use the paper clay medium to cover ball and create the facial details, ears, eyes whatever, and also cover the hat. 
  5. Let dry.
  6. Now the fun part! Paint it!, let dry.
  7. Spray with spray sealer, let dry.
  8. Decorate with buttons, lace, ribbons.
  9. TA DA, you’re all done enjoy your vintage inspired parade sticks!
I loved creating these Halloween Parade Sticks they were so much fun! I like to create vignettes in odd numbers so I made five of these guys. Here they are:

Paper Clay Halloween Parade Sticks Sculptures by Brenda Young

Parade Stick Vignette

Parade Stick Vignette

Paper Clay Halloween Moonface Parade Stick Sculpture by Brenda Young

Moon Face Parade Stick

Moon Face Parade Stick

Paper Clay Halloween Pumpkin Parade Stick Sculpture by Brenda Young

Jack Parade Stick

Paper clay Halloween Parade Stick Skeleton Sculpture by Brenda Young

Skelly Parade Stick

Paper clay Halloween Parade Stick Owl Sculpture by Brenda Young

Owl Parade Stick

Paper clay Halloween Parade Stick Cat Sculpture by Brenda Young

Scaredy Cat Parade Stick

Thanks to Terri for hosting a great Link Up Party!
 And I hope I motivated you to create your own vintage inspired  paper clay Halloween decor!
Get your Halloween on! And remember to …………
“Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”
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