A Hemp Oil Toolbox Restoration by UniqueJunktique | #DaddyVans # Sponsored

An All Natural Hemp Oil Restoration- With Daddy Vans

I have been wanting to restore this old barnwood tool box for quite some time now, and when Daddy Vans sent me this big ol bottle of hemp oil I must say I was more than ecstatic!

They also sent their new orange oil cleaner, but that is for another post, I just couldn’t use it on this piece I want to try that out on a painted piece, but that’s another post altogether!

Hemp oil can be great to use with a wholesale vape cart, but I didn’t realise how effective it also was at restoring wood-based products too!

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hemp oil toolbox before 1
Hemp oil toolbox before 2

The Before

For ages my hubby had been wanting a tool box but nothing ever took his fancy, he had read 100’s of tool box reviews but still couldn’t make his mind up, then by pure chance my hubby found this beauty in the dumpster, can you believe it? Looks to me to be made from an old charred wood. In my mind, perhaps made as a keepsake from the remnants of salvaged wood from a barn fire. Its definitely old, so bone dry and crusty with old dirt.

wire brush hemp oil
hemp oil brush application

Prep and Process Work

Cleaned it up with an old wire brush to get rid of some surface rust, and caked on dirt. Gave it a good vacuum and brush, and applied the hemp oil with a natural bristle stain brush to get in all the nooks and crannies.

hemp oil toolbox after
hemp oil toolbox after


The toolbox after soaking up the entire 16 oz bottle of Hemp Oil inside and out. Wow that wood sure was thirsty after years of neglect squirreled away in some old warehouse. No excess needed to be wiped off this parched baby, it probably could have drank up even more.

Hootch stash box

So What Can I Use This Box For Anyway?

This toolbox is pretty large and I have no idea what it may have been used for in the past because of its odd shape, I originally planned on using it for tools in my shop, but its so big I have no room in there right now, so here’s what I came up with……

This Piece Was So Thirsty…. Let’s give it a permanent drink

It’s just perfect for stashing my hootch! I decided since it has a nice place for a padlock, and its a perfect shape for storing bottles…. looks just right for locking up the liquor. Yeah my eldest just turned 12 kinda to young to worry yet, but better safe than sorry I always say. What the heck would you use it for?

Vintage Toolbox Liquor Storage
Daddy Vans Hemp Oil Link

A little Product Info

Daddy Van’s All Natural Hemp Oil is a pure, food safe, solvent- free, naturally drying oil pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant. It will penetrate to provide a protective, water-resistant finish when used over milk paint, chalk paint, bare wood and worn wood finishes.

As a Finish: Apply with a brush or cloth. Let the oil penetrate for five to 30 minutes, then wipe off any excess with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Apply one to three coats, allowing about two hours between coats. Reapply every one or two years or as needed.

To Revive Old Finishes: Apply a small amount of oil with a cloth. Buff any excess with a clean cloth.

Want to try out some Hemp Oil for yourself?

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