I adore the artworks of Katie Daisy, so much so she has inspired me to create my own homage to the sea, a driftwood sign from found objects I picked up from the shore.


Emerson quote art graphic by Katie Daisy
Katie Daisy

I love my walks on the shore beach combing so much, early mornings on the East coast in South Florida the beach is especially beautiful, hardly a soul in site, the early morning sun reflecting on the water with pink and yellow tones streaking through the sky, the pink and gold lined clouds with touches of grey.

The sandpipers scampering the shoreline, flitting back and forth avoiding the ebb of the surf. The sky fades from light aqua and pink as it peaks over the horizon to a brilliant orange. I just find it so peaceful and serene. I adore visiting the shore in the mornings to just breathe in the salty air and take in all the wonder.
Florida Beach Sunrise
Florida Beach Sunrise 2

Listening to the hum of the waves as they gently roll upon shore, and the feel of the cool water kissing my feet as I trek the shoreline on my everlong quest for my most coveted treasure, smooth, frosted, effervescent sea glass,” the tears of the sea “. I have been collecting sea glass as long as I can remember, and now have jars full of the stuff.

beach glass

 The best thing about early morning beach walks, is the gems are ripe for picking along the shore before the throng of tourists get there! On my walks I began to accumulate a large stash of other shore treasures from sea fans, cool sponges, wood, and sea anemones, to buoys and was inspired to create my own homage to the ocean. This driftwood sign I created is entirely put together with gifts from the sea I picked up along the way, driftwood, shells, sea glass and stones.
  The search for a perfect piece of flat board driftwood to make the sign took weeks! You have to get there early enough before the sand plows clear the beach, and to find great treasures like styrofoam buoys and wood you have to time it perfectly, right after a storm.

I hope I inspired you to grab some sea junk of your own, help clean up the beach and create with it!
save the mermaids graphic
Living in South Florida, I spend as much time as I can at the beach, I love the great big blue, and adore things ocean inspired. Have you created your own homage to the sea driftwwod sign? I would love to hear about it….
You can find Katie Daisy’s works @ The Wheatfield over on Etsy
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