So you’ve got your own blog. You’ve sorted out your blog hosting provider (such as someone like this cpanel hosting company) and now you’re trying to make your blog successful. How would you like to be well on your way to growing your blog and social following? Simply by attending great blog link parties and getting social with other party guests and hosts you can quickly begin to grow your own tribe online. Here are some tips to help your blog bloom.

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Many hosts may suggest some party guidelines or rules they would like you to follow for attending. Hosting a party takes a lot of work each week on the hosts part, and as an attendee there are some basic rules you should adhere to just out of courtesy to the host. Besides, you are looking to build lasting online relationships with other bloggers out there and in turn hopefully have your posts shared as well. What better way than by interacting with other bloggers socially? Share and share alike I say, is a great way to get your content seen, and develop great relationships as well.

The best way to do this is by engaging with other bloggers attending the party, comment, comment, comment! leave a quality genuine comment on their post- that is more than 5 words, anything less than 5 words is considered poorly for SEO purposes, and actually reflects badly for the bloggers article. And finally share that post socially online for your followers.


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Designate your Time and your links Wisely:

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  • An example, now it really wouldn’t benefit me or my readers to share someones post on say a mommy bloggers site about the latest greatest infant diaper pail when my followers follow me for crafty DIY and painting projects. Use your online time wisely, designate every minute promoting and sharing things relevant to your niche, things that would interest your social followers.
  • When I create a post, I attend and share it to a huge amount of link parties, which takes a large block of my time visiting, and sharing . So I tend to hone into links that would benefit my readers and help me build online relationships with bloggers in my niche as well. Making the most use of that time.
  • And please don’t forget your party host, share their party link socially online, comment, and follow the host socially as well. Perhaps even sign up for their newsletter. Not only will you get reminders of the party each week, but you will receive their latest blog content, directly to your inbox. This makes it easier for sharing purposes, saving you time from blog hopping for shareable content for your following, and it helps you build a lasting relationship with the host as well.

Always post a do follow text link back to the party, it’s proper etiquette and helps bring traffic to the party! It is also a great way for your to keep track of your party habits without having to add yet another entry to that dreaded blogger binder. Gave that up a long time ago… but that’s another story.

The hosts really appreciate all of your involvement, as the whole point for them hosting these large parties is to grow their blog numbers to open up opportunities with sponsors and such. Then that in turn enables the hosts to offer awesome free giveaway items at their parties, so its a win win for everyone. Besides no one likes a link and run party guest, it defeats the whole purpose of attending a link party.

After all link parties are all about building relationships, sharing content, discovering new things, meeting new people, and getting your own content shared in the process.

Are you looking for great link parties to attend, or some helpful party etiquette tips? Then head on over to my Link page for more.

Try some of these tips for a few weeks, then check the google analytics for your blog… you will be amazed at how much new traffic to your blog originates from Link Parties!


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