How To Reduce Your Plastic Footprint - By Ella Andrews

Most consumers don’t realize their level of plastic consumption, or their “plastic footprint” . Well, Ella’s stopped on over to share some great tips on how to reduce your use of plastics, to help us lessen the toll plastics take on the environment.

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How To Reduce Your Plastic Footprint – By Ella Andrews

Tossing that old plastic straw in the trash after lunch may not seem like a big deal at the time, but what if you had to carry around each piece of plastic that you threw out in a day? And not only that, think about the environmental issues. This is why so many schools and business are transitioning to non plastic straws to help the environment.
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For one day, put every piece of plastic that you would have otherwise put in the garbage into a bag. At the end of the day, take note of the amount of waste you have created. Then, imagine how much you would have in your bag after a week, a month, a year… Chances are you would have many bags full of trash, much of which would unnecessarily wind up scattered around land and throughout Earth’s oceans.


It’s no secret that, even with waste removal and waste recycling services in place (check out skip hire prices), plastic waste is creating a global pollution crisis, and every individual effort to cut back on plastic usage is important in making a difference. These simple tips can help you reduce the amount of trash that is carried away by your friendly neighborhood garbage man. You can refer to this website to read more about what counts as recycling when using a garbage removal company so you can recycle as much as possible.

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Most people know that bringing a reusable bag at the checkout line is more environmentally friendly than using the store’s plastic bags, but few people actually make the switch. To help get you started, pick out a few reusable bags suitable for hauling groceries and other goods. Keep several of them in the car so that you’ll always have a few on you when pull in the parking lot. Many supermarkets will provide you with a small discount off your purchase when you bring your own bags, as well. You do not have to save your reusable bags just for grocery runs; plenty of craft stores and thrift shops will also be happy to bag your purchases in your own bags.

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Instead of grabbing the sweet potato neatly packaged in cling wrap, look for yams on display in their natural form. Companies will often wrap fruits and vegetables in plastic to appeal to customers concerned about the cleanliness of “naked” produce, but even these items were once exposed to the open air, dirt, and human contact. A simple wash under the tap is usually sufficient to clean a vegetable before consumption. No need for wrappers that will go for waste disposal seconds after opening. If you’re having trouble finding produce free of plastic at the grocery store, check out your local farmers’ market for fresh and local deals on sustainable food items.

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Next time you go to toss your empty pill bottle, check with vets’ offices and clinics in your area to see if they will accept used and cleaned pill bottles for reuse. Or simply remember to recycle them.

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You may be aware of reusable razors that only require the shaver head to be replaced, but did you know that there are toothbrushes like that, too? Instead of having to throw out the entire toothbrush when the bristles get grimy, invest in a toothbrush that has a detachable head so that you can reuse the handle and minimize waste disposal. Use a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic ones, and try out the good old-fashioned lunch box with reusable containers in place of disposable plastic bags.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to reducing your plastic footprint on the environment.

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