Dear Hubby found this great lazy susan somewhere from a roadside find and brought it home to me for a recycle project, I just love those little thoughtful surprises. I’ve been wanting to add some vintage Florida flair to the place, and what a perfect chance to bring some of that vibe into the kitchen.
tasty fresh instagram shot

Paint Technique

When painting for a vintage feel, no need for uniform straight brush strokes, I wanted this piece to look like it has been painted numerous times.

Tasty Fresh stencil

Make your own stencil

Found this vintage OJ bottle cap image online, and created a reverse stencil with my Silhouette Cameo.

Tasty Fresh oj Lazy Susan by uniquejunktique

Rough It Up

The lines were just to crisp and neat for that vintage feel, simple fix – use a little sanding sponge and soften it up a bit.

tasty fresh detail 1

Recreate A Vintage Vibe

With the piece I wanted to recreate that vintage Florida Kitsch by accentuating all the flaws.

tasty fresh detail 2

Dark Wax Is Your Friend

Dark Wax really brings out all your brush strokes, dings and battle scars. Don’t be afraid to layer it on, you can always pull some back off with a soft rag and some clear wax.

tasty fresh detail 3

Let those scars shine

I love adding dark wax for recreating a vintage feel.  It brings the imperfections to the forefront where they can really shine

Hope yall enjoyed this vintage Florida inspired project. Chime in if you would like to see some tutorials on using your Silhouette. Feel free to pin this project for inspiration, or you could just head on over to Pinterest and check out my board on Silhouette Tips for lots of great ideas!

Keep an eye out for some more vintage Florida inspiration, as I will be focusing on creating more local decor with a vintage twist.

tasty fresh OJ Lazy Susan by UniqueJunktique
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