I wanted to share a cute painting project on an item obtained for free! This lifeguard beach rescue boat shelf theme fits in marvelously with the decor I have going on in our little seaside bathroom. Just my great luck, someone was moving on my hubby’s route and gave him a whole bunch of stuff they didn’t want to cart with them and this cute little boat display shelf was in the loot. It was originally done up in a Americana motif which doesn’t exactly match my decor, so I gave it a little paint job and now it fits in beautifully! 

Beach Rescue Boat Shelf

lifeguard rescue boat shelf close up


And hey! I actually remembered to take a before shot for you this time! This is what she started out as:


Boat Display Shelf


All she needed was a little touching up with some Annie Sloan in Old White, and Ce Ce Caldwell in Traverse City Red paints, hand-paint the lettering details, a bit of clear wax and viola, now I have the perfect place to display some of my ocean finds and my small collection of beach sand from our Caribbean vacation spots. I wish I would have started this collection years ago, I would have a lot more bottles to show! Well I guess that gives us an excuse to make sure we revisit some of those locals huh? Hmm hubby doesn’t know it yet,… but that means a second honeymoon barefoot cruise in the future – he he


CeCe Caldwell Painted Beach Rescue Lifeguard Rescue Boat Shelf by UniqueJunktique


CeCe Caldwell Painted Beach Lifeguard Rescue Boat Shelf by UniqueJunktique


Now all I need is to go with this rescue boat shelf is an old rowboat oar to make a towel rack out of……

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