Picked up this little gem from the side of the road, those well turned legs grabbed my attention.  However the upholstered seat left much to be desired. the faded torn fabric and wood base that was falling apart just had to go. I added a new top with some pallet boards, and updated it into a patriotic bench just in time for the fourth of July!

The Patriotic Bench In Process:

Before Shot of the patriotic bench

Here is the before shot, the vintage piano bench as found … a roadside cast off.

Love those legs….but the outdated upholstered top has got to go, that fabric and the faulty wood just had to be replaced.

patriotic bench getting a vinegar stain

I created a rustic top with some pallet wood cut to size, then to age the newer wood and marry it to match the vintage, I doused the the whole piece with some homemade vinegar stain. Nothing complicated, just vinegar coffee grounds and some steel wool. It really aged up the wood well.

Homemade Vinegar Stain:

simply add vinegar to an old jar, drop in some steel wool pad, the kind that doesn’t have any soap! Let it sit a few days until the steel gets a bit rusty and the vinegar turns color. take out your pad and rub it all over, the stain will darken yup after a few hours. Easy Peasy!

patriotic bench paint detail

Found a great patriotic graphic, printed it out, and did a reverse trace with chalk onto the top, then hand painted the detail and wording with regular black acrylic artists paint and a fins artist brush. The base I chalk painted in a great dark navy color from American Paint which I had leftover from my british flag trunk project. It’s so dark it almost looks black in the house. This little piece does double duty as a small coffee table in my living room.