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Contributing author Maxwell Donovan is back with his take on using modern trends to add sophisticated bedroom decor for your preteen.

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Bedroom Ideas for Preteens Go Beyond the Expected – by Maxwell Donovan

Are you planning on redecorating your home? Doing your research on great innovative interior design ideas that might help you gain new insights on how to decorate your preteen bedroom so that it might match his / her personality? Then you should know that modern trends go beyond the expected from this perspective. Bold choices, interesting patterns and great new ideas wait for you to discover them and create something customized for the joy of your preteen child. Let’s discover some of these below.
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Preteen Bedrooms: The Change from Childhood Concepts to Sophisticated Trends

When you start your new decoration project, it is very important to consider what your preteen child likes so that you might be able to see the image of their future bedroom from their perspective. They will want something different in their room than what you might want in your adult bedroom and this is the purpose you must have in mind until the end of your project. A preteen bedroom will go beyond a simple place for sleep to a space where they escape from the challenges of the newly discovered world and try to become who they want to be.

Their bedroom is always a clear expression of who they are. It is where they spend a lot of time in search of ways in which to express themselves. You might even be surprised to discover that they are pretty design-conscious and every detail counts in this case. Latest trends are no mystery to them and this is the age when they need something more sophisticated than their childhood room.

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Fun and Cool Preteen Bedroom Ideas

Such a space in the house needs to be much more than a sleeping place. It is the age when they start exploring new things and trying to find their independence so their room is the place where they hand out alone or with friends studying together or having fun. The redecoration process of their bedroom comes as a new entrance for them into the social world so it needs to be creatively designed to match their new needs and customs. Make sure you know exactly what they want though. So if they want contemporary bedroom furniture for example, then that’s the style you should go for.


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Sleep And Study Areas For The Preteen

A sleeping area in their bedroom is a must. Considering the type of mattress you choose is also important. A memory foam mattress might be a positive way forward for improved sleep, but it is likely a more expensive route. Then you should focus on the study area at which you should also pay careful attention to because this is an important part of their life. Never leave your preteen out of this new project because it is all about who they are and what they want. Brainstorming for ideas together will help you make sure that the end results will match their needs and requirements.

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Lounging Areas Are A Plus For Preteen Decor

The space in their bedroom where they lounge with their friends is also an important new space to consider. Even if their bedroom might be small, you must find a creative way in which to make this all happen. Using modern approaches for small spaces will help you create a versatile bedroom for preteens in no time. Using items or furniture that have more than one purpose would also be a good idea. For example, iBeani tablet stands are primarily a tablet support, but could also double up as a pillow if you really wanted it too. Having these sort of items create more space for other items, whilst again, making the room more versatile!

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A Few Interesting Ideas to Consider


A vertically oriented type of study area can do wonders in such a bedroom. All you need for this project is a small surface intended for writing activities. You can make good use of the available vertical space above and use the space below the table surface to cover their storage needs.
This is also the age when they explore a lot through writing. Therefore, including a magnetic dry erase type of board or cork boards in their study area is also a great idea to consider. If you have a small space left for the lounge area, it might be great to include at least a small bench close to the footboard of the bed to create the necessary atmosphere for this. They will take it from there and find a way of having fun whenever they invite their friends over.
Moreover, for small spaces that become a challenge, adding some interesting throw pillows will change the mood immediately. A rug in a corner can also help boost the playful atmosphere. Furthermore, adding headboard decals on the walls can help you save space and give the bedroom a different look.
All in all, there are endless ways in which you can make the best of the space you have available for interior design through interesting accessories like a cot bed duvet. Keep their personality traits in minds and follow their perspective during this project and the results will be great.

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