An Upcycled Valentine From Vintage Tennis Rackets

I have been collecting vintage rackets for a while now ever since my last post on embroidery art a while back. Those incredible off the wall stitch art installments really inspired me to recreate something similar of my own. And what better way to re-purpose some vintage rackets than this super cute re-purposed project for Valentines day?

3 upcycled valentine tennis rackets
Vintage Racquet Collection
Here’s a shot of where my rackets have been for the last year, just collecting dust as a vignette of sorts. Every time I come across one with a wood frame at a garage or thrift sale I snap one up and store it away for projects just like this.
Racket stitch design outline
In my last post I featured these chalk markers, well here is another use for them. They work great creating a temporary template for stitching on the rackets as they wipe right off the strings. I kept getting cross- eyed counting those stitch marks, and definately had to erase the layout a few times!
Racket - Racquet presentation layout
I decided to only use three rackets this time around in a wall vignette, odd numbers are always good in a collection. Here’s a shot of a practice layout. Always a good idea to visualize your overall layout design before you place your stitches, what if I decided after all my stitch work I wanted to hang one sideways? Oopsie to late!
Here are all three rackets finished, I’m not an avid tennis player but I just love the quirky decor aspect this vignette lends to a room. And they are so easy to create!

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