Unique Junktique Booth Sign
Well, I finished my booth sign yesterday. Or the sign I plan to be a focal point in my booth.  Made with some upcycled wood, paint, lots of EB6000, license plates, 122 keys, 399 buttons, a few bolts.  A total of 6-1/2 hours later, voila here she is! My signature piece. Yes I plan on making more mixed media signs similar in nature for sale, and yes I would love to talk to you about a custom sign for your wall! Just give me a holla.
I dont know about you but finding license plates affordably in flea markets and antique shops is getting harder and harder, you can’t find them under 10 bucks and for a large word project sometimes you need to buy one whole plate to get that exact letter those costs add up quick! I even tried contacting the DMV to try to acquire the ones returned to them to no avail. What is a girl to do who cant find cheap license plates for artwork in a pinch?
Well… I found mine on Etsy. You can purchase them from various vendors there. Etsy is a great resource for finding vintage items for art.