So excited about this project, my entry in this months Fab Furniture Flippin Contest: “Let Your Colors Burst”. I tried out this cool stain product called Unicorn Spit on a rescued Art Horse Bench, and I love playing with this stuff!

What is the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest? A monthly contest for furniture flips of course, entrants are provided with product to complete a project for review and have a chance to win various products offered from the sponsor of the month. And this month we have a chance of winning some Gel Stain from Unicorn Spit, ….


*This is a sponsored post, I have received products used to complete this project. Please review my Disclosure Page for more details on the disclosure policy.
stripped art horse bench

Originally I had intended on trying out this product in a variety of colors on a vintage dresser, but my package arrived damaged and my main color was spent. Michelle sent out a replacement right away, but I knew my package would not arrive in time for me to complete the dresser for this post. So I chose to try out the remaining jars of colors on this rescued art horse drawing bench instead. Rescued from the trash from Dreyfoos School of The Arts in West Palm Beach. This shot is after I stripped off all the old varnish.

sanding art horse bench

Let me tell you this gel stain is a blast to play with! I watched some of Michelle’s YouTube instructional videos on her staining techniques to see if I could apply some of her magic wizardry to my project. I love her aura blast technique, her results are just stunning. One great thing about Unicorn Spit, because it is water based, you have a lot of work time to adjust your design. if you are not happy with how your project is turning out, you can spritz water on it, thin it out to create a whole new look, or even go as far as rinsing it off and starting anew with a color tinted base left behind.

staining process

I tried her Stain Press Technique, using a plastic overlay but wasn’t happy with my first result. So I simply rinsed it off and tried something else. Squirted color on, finger painted, let dry, played with a squirt bottle, dripped some color here, some more color there, wiped off in areas  applied more color in others, shook on some rubbing alcohol.

alcohol process

What fun finger painting with stain! Really lets your inner artist playfully shine. You can really go crazy, make a mess and it rinses right away with the hose. this would be a really great product to use with the kids as its non toxic, and a super easy clean up. Um outside of course!

stain detail

This color stain is vibrant! you can leave it on to dry full strength for bright deep hue, or wipe it off and blend the colors for more muted tones. Allows the creation of depth and blending like a fine art painting…. And It smells divine like jasmine.

stain detail close up

One thing…. you must seal it with an oil based sealer.  Michelle uses Tung Oil for a super shiny durable finish, I chose wipe on Poly by minwax for a more hand rubbed matte finish. I found that the wipe on poly does tone down the vibrance and darken the color quite a bit.

Art horse bench full shot
art horse bench with drawing pad


I think for my next project using Unicorn Spit, I’ll try the Tung oil as I definitely will be using this product again,

It is just so versatile the applications are just so vast….

I want to experiment and play some more!

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This months contest sponsor

This months contest sponsor is Unicorn SPiT , a really cool company, with a super cool name, and an even cooler product!

Vibrantly colored non toxic water-based gel stains, that smell like Jasmine!

My oh my…. I love this stuff!