This week I’m sharing a repurposed, warped guitar transformed into this great little guitar shelf and saved from the landfill!

upcycled guitar shelf by uniquejunktique
One day I showed my sister an adorable guitar shelf I found on Pinterest, and she begged me to make one for her boyfriend for his birthday, she just so happened to have one laying around from college that she never used. She packed it in her car and there it sat for a week before she had a chance to bring it over.
Well what do you think happened after a week in the hot South Florida sun roasting in a car?
Yup, you got it, it totally warped.
The back piece was popping off. the whole thing bowed, what a mess!
I wasn’t sure if it would ever lay flat on the wall.
I’m not sure why the shelves appear crooked- They actually are not
,… but I’m working with shots John took with his cell phone.
upcycled guitar shelf by unique junktique
After removing the front piece,and the strings then screwing the back piece and neck down from the rear it worked out OK in the end. I’m not sure why the shelves look lopsided in the photos, they actually are not. I used some scrap wood for the shelves, and just glued them onto the three side supports. Painted up the insides with Old White and touched up the exterior a bit with black paint and spray varnish.

Cowboy John is a country music fan and plays himself,
so I downloaded some of his favorite country songs, by George Straight,
and decoupaged them in there with Mod Podge, along with some of his concert tickets.
I happened to have this little blue ceramic chair, that just went perfect with his favorite song “Old Blue Chair”
and I purposely left blank space so some more concert tickets could be added later.
The cowboy belt buckle I found fit the bill perfectly to finish it off.
upcycled guiter shelf by unique junktique
 Hope you liked the sorry old guitar that went from junk to fabulous!
upcycled guitar shelf by unique junktique

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