In my last post I mentioned our excursion to TLC Design Studio with my sister. Well I thought I would share with you the finished side table we worked on together. She wanted help with her first go at painting furniture so I agreed to lend some instruction. An artist teaching an art teacher…go figure, irony at work here…I teased that I should charge her a workshop fee.

Side Table Project With My Sister

sanding A side Table With Annie Sloan Paints
She chose the color combination of Annie Sloan’s Arles and Emporers Silk. My sister wanted a worn finish but was not confident in the dry brush technique, and she wanted to sand……so we went with a first coat of Arles and a top coat of Emporers Silk, wait… make that two coats of each….yes I can read your mind …why two coats if you plan to sand it off? I know…I know…but evidently she loves sanding. Above is a photo of her working away.
Well you learn by doing I always say…so just let her go with it. And sand we did…. three hours with the both of us going at it. I felt like we went dirt biking doughnuts in a baseball field when we were done…what a sight we were, covered in red dust!

To finish it off instead of wax, she wanted to try antique glaze and topcoat by Beautiful. The finish came out nice and durable.

For the center we chose to decoupage a simple piece of wood with complimentary decorative paper and Modge Podge from Pearls for and finished that off with more glaze to darken the paper and then topcoat of Beautiful.

I must say, I think the side table came out pretty nice for a first timer with her hand held! Really Chalk Paint is so great to work with, I know she would have done fine on her own. But sisterly projects are just way to much fun!!!
sisterly love Table
You may be interested in checking out the informative post on TLC’s paint and finish candy store.

I would love to hear about a collaboration project you have worked on, have you had the pleasure of helping someone complete a project or mentored anyone lately?
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