Today I wanted to share this great salvaged table I refinished and the process that was used to achieve the look.
My latest project is this wonderful table that I am so crushing on right now. Here is a peek…

Another Salvaged Table Project

Annie Sloan Painted Table In Slate and Cocoa Detail

I found this baby roadside waiting for the garbage truck. Hiding behind a really nice wood headboard and footboard which made me stop, alas the van had the rear seats in and with two kids in tow I had no room and darn it if I wasn’t so short I would have strapped that to the roof for another bench project. But I made room to salvage this table ” Note to self…keep a Step ladder in the van!”


Painted Ladder in CeCe Caldwell

This ladder I test painted would do nicely

The table fit in nicely though, here is a before shot of what she looked like when I picked her up…


Vintage Salvaged Table

A diamond in the rough…..Score!

She sat around about month while I was deciding on how to finish her out. With that destroyed leather top should I try to salvage it or what?
I knew what colors I wanted to use but first we needed to address her broken bones, a bit of wood putty, wood glue and some clamps set her up right and proper. I removed the leather insert it was too far gone. Perhaps if it had been properly maintained then that wouldn’t have been necessary; softening leather with a quality softener would have been the way to go if it had been caught earlier. Had to sand the heck out of the top to remove the awful glue attempt someone made to re attach the leather at one time. Next I prepped her with Zinsser’s spray shellac to prevent color bleed through. This piece whispered that she wanted to be made over in Annie Sloan cocoa and slate…. her lines called for a tailored look, with a pop.


Semi finished salvaged table painting project

Here she is with the center unfinished, until I decided how to address it.


Next came the distressing to age her up a bit, she’s an old broad afterall… then came the waxing…..first a coat of light then dark. Annie’s dark aging wax I had to work with a bit, wax on wax off to achieve a look that wasn’t forced. Being an older piece I wanted a naturally aged appearance. I put way to much dark on at first and had to go back over with the light wax to remove just the right amount.

But what to replace the leather with? hmmm… thought about decoupage But I just couldn’t find the right paper large enough or the right color. By the way….anyone know of a great paper supplier other than Pearls In South Florida? I’m thinking wallpaper would be a good choice for furniture, great selection and large pieces. Anyone try it? I would love to hear how that worked out.

Back to the pieces center section, maybe something metal, tin ceiling tile? no to uneven, diamond plate? no to industrial, copper or zinc would look great. Anyone price copper lately? Yikes…. even the plastic faux tin ceiling tiles are $20 each, not to mention the decorative metal sheets at $35. OK,choice made, done….more paint it is… I decided to go with a pop of metal. copper was to orange hued , silver to cohesive..

In the end I chose Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint in Cast Bronze from Home Depot and a stencil for the top. I figured Bronze was a good choice against the brown undertones of the cocoa but I didn’t like the dappled effect of the sponge pouce so I went ahead and painted over the stencil lines by hand. I decided to finish off the top with some more Zissner’s for durability.


Detailed Stencil Design on Annie Sloan Painted Table


Detailed Stencil Design on Painted Table
This Baby Got a Facelift Table
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Furniture Chaise Vignette

Placement shot, not a side table but standing in as one

Picture taking inside my house is horrible, the lighting stinks and I had a hard time capturing the details of this salvaged table but here she is all finished. I really like how this piece of trash came out. For those of you who haven’t tried painting furniture, give it a whirl its loads of fun! I find Chalk paint super easy to work with, hopefully this little technique post has inspired you to grab a brush and get painting! Share your latest project I would love to hear about it.

Want to see the piece that inspired me to use these colors? You can find it on my Found A Paint And Finish Candy Store post