Vintage Christmas be still my heart! This weeks Top Five Favorite Junk Finds features vintage pushpin beaded ornaments for your enjoyment. I remember these handmade lovelies decorating our tree as a child. The hours it took for someone to make these baby’s not to mention the pin pricked fingers! I really appreciate all the work that was put into creating these. Now they are a hot commodity! 

Vintage Beaded Ornaments

Tuesday's Top Five Favorite Junk Finds graphic by Brenda Young

Favorite Junk Finds

I have some stunning works by photography artists featured this week! Great shots are commonly found on Flicker, A great resource for photos, just be sure to get the artists permission as many of the examples do have copyrights on them!

*All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists with their web links respectfully posted and may be subject to copyright.

For the first feature we have this beautiful display of vintage pushpin beaded ornaments in a cloche, captured by Cathi . How many of these have we come across over the years and disregarded, stored away in a box, or just got rid of at the garage sale?

Vintage Pushpin Christmas beaded Ornaments Photo by Calsidyrose

Photo by Calsidyrose

Look at the detail in these, how many laborious hours, they took to create? They are just drop dead gorgeous to me. What a great capture by Tiffany who I may add is a professional editor photographer in Seattle check out her website!

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Photo By Shabby Scraps

Photo By Shabby Scraps

Here is another wonderful beaded ornaments shot captured by Megan @ Moxie Girl, these are done up in a sequined theme, just look at all those pins! They have a family run shop in DeKalb, IL. and a great blog with tons of vintage finds!

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Photo By MoxieGirl

photo by Moxie Girl

Here is a collection of some satin backed beauties in greens and yellows captured in a wonderful close up by Cathi at CalsidyRose!

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Photo By Calsidyrose

By Calsidyrose

And a collection of vintage pushpin beaded ornaments in to die for purple hues, with velvet and pearls, I love the vintage trim….how stunning! Heidi has some gorgeous close up shots of these in her stream.

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Photo By DreamsIntertwined

By DreamsIntertwined

Now for my favorite picks! This week I have two for you because I love both trees done up in white and the traditional green. Here are some examples of Christmas trees all decked out in the vintage beaded ornaments theme, my aren’t they gorgeous in a grouping?

This gorgeous vintage white tree is from Michael over at Inspired by Charm, he has wonderful shots of this collection on his blog. Loads of great inspiration over there, it is definitely a great blog worth checking out!

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Christmas Tree Photo By Michael Wurm

By Michael Wurm

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Christmas Tree Photo By Michael Wurm

By Michael Wurm

I just love this tree by Scott Luedtke, His stream on Flicker has a load of vintage Christmas shots, he is an avid Christmas collector, and an accomplished Interior Decorator in NC.

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Christmas Tree Photo By Scott Luedtke

By Scott Luedtke

Here is another updated photo of Scott’s Fabulous tree he just sent me, Thanks so much Scott!

Vintage Pushpin beaded Ornaments Tree By Scott Luedtke

Designed by Scott Luedtke

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks collection of vintage Christmas

Here are the photo links to the artists sites:

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