Welcome to this weeks showing, In the spirit of Christmas I am featuring some amazing gingerbread art houses for your enjoyment. A lovely holiday tradition with German roots.

Gingerbread Art

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Being an American mutt heavy with German ancestry, I love incorporating German traditions into our holiday festivities, and baking gingerbread is a family favorite. The baking of gingerbread has a long European history, but some believe the tradition of gingerbread houses to originate from Germany, as a result from the publication of the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel in the late 1800’s. The book resulted in German bakers making fairy tale houses out of gingerbread, which became popular during Christmas. This tradition was then brought to America by German Immigrants to Pennsylvania.
In our family we generally stick with the good old homemade gingerbread men, and Christmas stolen. I may say that the aromas emanating from my kitchen during the holidays, are incredible and Christmas wouldn’t be complete with out them! After seeing all these stunning gingerbread art houses, however I have been inspired to have some fun with the kids and decorate a house this year as well. Even though I’m sure the kids rendition will be by no means as grand, it will be such fun to instill a new German tradition with them.

Now on to the gingerbread art features that inspired me!

*All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists with their web links respectfully posted and may be subject to copyright.,

 Here is a really fun gingerbread house by Wicked Goodies “Alice In Wonderland Castle ” how cool and funky!
Alice In Wonderland Gingerbread art House By Wicked Goodies

By Wicked Goodies

Adorable fairy tale style cottage done by Vsem Torte found over at Cake Central, what great detail! The sparkled sugar coated walls, see the cookie man inside?
This Old House Contestant Gingerbread art House At Cake Central

by Vsem Torte

This one is from Ultimate Gingerbread, in their This Old House contest from 2010,  I love the old world, fairytale feel on this one.
Gingerbread art by Ultimate Gingerbread

by Ultimate Gingerbread

This one is Titled “Galloway” found on flicker Via Inker 1 created by their chef. I adore that it is lit, and just look at those stained glass candy windows, and the fine detail to the interior, stunning!
Galloway Gingerbread House Photo By Inker1


I have a thing for the Tudor style home, so of course I simply adore this gingerbread art piece. The little creek running under the house, oh my, I just want to crawl inside that little door and live there!
Tudor Style Gingerbread art House
Now for my favorite feature, the added bonus piece De la resistance. this one is really big! From American Adventure in Disney, I love the litzner cookie effect with the red hearts and the ginger men shapes on the doors, the slope of the roof, the icing detail and the super realistic snow on the roof!
Gingerbread art House At Disney's American Adventure


 Wicked Goodies is a cake makers haven!
Cake Central a great site for cake making lovers
Ultimate Gingerbread this site is a gingerbread powerhouse, get your house cake patterns there
Galloway house via Indulgy
Tudor house via Pinterest no photo credit found

Looking for more? I have an amazing grand collection over on my Artful Gingerbread Pinterest Board!

…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”