Afternoon Fellow Art Enthusiasts, being a laid back kinda gal, I do love my comfy broken in jeans, and recycling them even more, so I figured what better than to share some great up cycled denim art gallery pieces with you this week.

Denim Art

Tuesday's Top Five Favorite Junk Finds Graphic By Brenda Young

Denim is hot and there are a lot of great crafty project tutorials out there in cyber land to bring some good old American blue jean vibe into your space. Even the major chains carry great denim household items like ottomans, pillows and rugs, But for the sake of art I am sharing some great denim art works. If you are looking for some inspiration to create something on a smaller scale be sure to check out my Pinterest board on Denim, there are a ton of ideas over there I have pinned for my own creative inspiration, heck you could follow me while your there! 

*All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists with their web links respectfully posted  and may be subject to copyright.

For the first spot in this weeks roundup is this wonderful large denim art painting by designer John Robshaw which graces his Apartment in Manhattan, photo courtesy of Elle Design Magazine, I simply adore the statement this one makes! If you love denim this is a great idea to incorporate it in a big way!

Denim art Painting By John Robshaw

Painting By John Robshaw

Next we have this gorgeous denim art quilt created from blue jeans by Marja Matiisen from Estonia which took 2nd prize- Viewer’s Choice, at the 2012 Open European Quilt Championships. She offers Presentations into the world of quilting in her studio:
“My religion is quilts. I believe that textiles sewn in quilts have made it to heaven” .

Denim art Quilt Textile Blue Green Planet Under Seige By Marja Mattiisen

Blue Green Planet Under Seige By Marja Mattiisen

If you haven’t seen the works of British Swedish based artist Ian Berry AKA Denimu, you are in for a treat, not only does he create fabulous portraits, but marvelous city scape’s as well, and an occasional still life or sculpture, all from discarded jeans. His denim art works have been published in major magazines and seen in numerous galleries here and abroad. Google search Denim art and he rules the boards! He refers to denim as A material that abounds in dualities and meanings. A symbol of both egalitarianism and of materialism. A reflection of the world in which we live.” Just stunning!

Denim art Textile My Jerry By Ian Berry

Ian Berry Portraits “My Jerry”

Denim art Textile Newsstand By Ian Berry

Ian Berry American Jean – “Newsstand “

Denim art Textile Retreat and Urban Scapes By Ian Berry

Ian Berry -Sights of Sound “Retreat” and Urban Scapes -” Pedley Street Gallery”

Denim Art Textile Somethings Going On By Ian Berry

Ian Berry -Sights Of Sound “Somethings Going On”

Here we have Korean Artist Choi So Young whose contemporary denim art works can be found at Christies and Sotheby’s. The detailed depth created through texture and colorization choices are nothing short of amazing! Unfortunately I cannot find an artist website, only past auction results with staggering sale amounts! Wouldn’t mind being this artists agent!

Textile Art Denim "Seascape Of Busan"By Choi So Young

Choi So Young “Seascape Of Busan “

Textile Denim Art By Choi So Young

By Choi So Young

Textile Denim Art "Sightseeing city" By Choi So Young

Choi So Young “Sightseeing city”

New York installation artist Jim Hodges created this gorgeous sky tapestry over many months out of denim collected from thrift stores. This denim art piece really speaks to me, so moving such an incredible depiction of a beautiful sky, it renders me almost speechless. Photo Courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art. You can view a wide range of his works at the Gladstone Gallery Website 

Textile Denim Art By Jim Hodges untitled

Jim Hodges Untitled (One day it all comes true)

Textile Denim Art By Jim Hodges untitled

Jim Hodges Untitled (one day it all comes true ) close up

Hope you enjoyed this weeks artists round up of great denim art works, and that it inspired you to
          “Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”

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