This Past weekend our family went to see The Lego Movie, the animation of Lego art was wonderful I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! It Inspired me to share some great Lego art by “Master builders” in this weeks Tuesday’s Top Five Favorite Junk Finds roundup. 

Lego Art

Tuesdays Top Five Favorite Junk Finds #20 Featuring Lego Art

Tuesdays top Five Favorite Junk Finds #20


Lego Movie Poster

The Lego Movie Poster

*All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists with their web links respectfully posted and may be subject to copyright.

Speaking of The Lego Movie, our first feature goes to Bruce Lowell a master builder whose works have made it in the Lego Movie! Hooray For taco Tuesday! Bruce has been recognized in various publications, you can see a whole gallery of his works on his website, and he does commissions.

 The Lego art Movie Pieces by Bruce Lowell

These were shot in the movie

Lego art Toucan by Bruce Lowell

Toucan by Bruce Lowell

Racked Lego art by Bruce Lowell

Racked by Bruce Lowell

Bruce Lowell Portrait

Bruce Lowell Portrait

 Next in the roundup is German Artist Jan Voorman who travels the world installing street Lego art into crumbling walls and monuments he has initiated a world art movement in which anyone can participate called Dispatchwork to see the volunteers artworks visit the site posted at the end of the article.

Jan Voorman Dispatchwork of Lego art

Street art Lego Installation

Jan Voorman Dispatchwork Lego art

Street Art Lego Installation

Jan Voorman Dispatchwork Lego art

Street art Lego Installation

Jan Voorman Lego artist portrait

Jan Voorman Portrait

Next we have the amazing works of Sean Kenney who has three Internationally touring exhibits, is the author of 6 inspirational instruction books for kids and operates the worlds largest online Lego fan community, he also does commissioned artworks through his site.
Sean Kenny’s Works are on Tour Nationwide through 2017, currently local at Naples Botanical Garden in Florida through May 11, 2014.

Lego art Goldfinch feeder by Sean Kenney

Goldfinch Feeder by Sean Kenney

Lawnmower Lego art by Sean Kenney

Lawnmower by Sean Kenney

Eduardo Lego art by Sean Kenney

Eduardo by Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney Lego artist portrait

Sean Kenney Portrait

Fabulous master builder Mike Doyle has published a Lego art book titled “Beautiful Lego” a coffee table art book for any lover of Lego art which features 350 various sized artworks by 70 designers. His work on the cover “The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir, K’al Yne, Odan” took around 800 hours and over 200,000 pieces to complete. It is 6′ high by about that wide and about 3′ deep.

Book Beautiful Lego art by Mike Doyle

Beautiful Lego Book by Mike Doyle

Lego art- Power Of Freedom:Iraq by Mike Doyle

The Power of Freedom: Iraq by Mike Doyle

Lego art Victorian on Mud Heap by Mike Doyle

Victorian On Mud Heap by Mike Doyle

Lego art Victorian Tree by Mike Doyle

Victorian Tree by Mike Doyle

Lego artist Mike Doyle portrait

Mike Doyle Portrait

New York based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya, is the first artist to take Lego into the art world. Author of two best sellers, his works are in collections across the US he also does commissioned works. Nathan Sawaya’s Lego art exhibit “The Art of The Brick” is currently touring museums globally and will be locally in Pensacola May 30- Aug 8 2014.

Lego Art Bare Bones in Bricks by Nathan Sawaya

Bare Bones in Bricks by Nathan Sawaya

lego art heartfelt by Nathan Sawaya

Heartfelt by Nathan Sawaya

Lego art Pop Up Book by Nathan Sawaya

Pop Up Book by Nathan Sawaya

Lego art Think by Nathan Sawaya

Think by Nathan Sawaya

Hope you enjoyed this weeks round up of Lego master builders, and that it has inspired you to go create with toys, Lego’s are not only for kids folks. Break out the bricks with your inner child and create some Lego art!