I don’t know about you, but I love to play with fire. It must be the girl scout in me, nothing beats a good old blaze in the backyard or campground fire pit for me. Toasting marshmallows and warming my tootsies, while poking coals just warms the soul. Well, I found some great artists who love to play with fire too, creating one of a kind pieces of burnt furniture art in the process. Check out this weeks  great art roundup of five featured artists!

Burnt Furniture Art

Tuesday's Top Five Favorite Junk Finds

Fireart Photo by Brenda Young

Fire art Photo by Brenda Young

*All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists with their web links respectfully posted and may be subject to copyright.

Israeli product Designer Hilla Shamia creates a fabulous series of burnt furniture titled Wood Casting, a technique of  fusing aluminum and tree trunks. By pouring molten aluminum directly onto the trunks, the metal seeps into the trees natural crevices and chars the wood, the trunks are then cut lengthwise and placed into a mold to create the legs and framework.  She describes her work:
“Furniture combining cast aluminum and wood. The negative factor of burnt wood transformed into aesthetic and emotional value by preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk, within explicit boundaries. The general, squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and at the same time keeps the memory of the material.”

burnt furniture Wood Casting Art by Hilla Shamia

Wood Casting by Hilla Shamia

burnt furniture Wood Casting Art by Hilla Shamia

by Hilla Shamia

burnt furniture Wood Casting Art by Hilla Shamia

by Hilla Shamia

Belgium designer Kaspar Hamacher loves wood and his chainsaw, he focuses more on physical rather than conceptual design. His series Ausgebrannt ” German for Burnt out” is created with fallen logs, cutting them down and burning away certain sections to create legs. then stripped, sanded and finally waxed. He creates his art with the simple ideas of simplicity, balance and fragility. The Ausgebrannt works were his expression to evoke the lost balance between humans and nature, to show the beauty and fragility of nature and destruction. 

Ausegbrannt burnt furniture art in process by Kasper Hamacher

Ausegbrannt in process


burnt furniture Ausegbrannt series by Kasper Hamacher

Ausgebrannt by Kaspar Hamacher


burnt furniture Ausegbrannt series by Kasper Hamacher

Ausegbrannt by Kaspar Hamacher

 Dutch designer Maarten Baas first created his Smoke series for is graduation show at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, he was interested in the way natural wear from well used furniture gave them new more interesting qualities. He found that through the unpredicted nature of burning them with a torch, he could give them more character with decorative patina. He preserves the fragile charcoal surface with many coats of epoxy resin which gives them their high lacquer like sheen. Maarten caught the attention of Moooi a dutch manufacturer who now mass produces several of his chairs and a chandelier in Indonesia. Baas also produced a series of  “Smoke” furniture from antique and classic designs sold in galleries.

burnt furniture Smoke Cabinet by Maarten Baas

Smoke Cabinet by Maarten Baas


burnt furniture Smoke Chair by Maarten Baas for Moooi

The Maarten Baas Smoke chair for Mooi

burnt furniture Smoke Chaise by Maarten Baas

Smoke Chaise by Maarten Baas

 Here is a great YouTube video of the process from Moooi:

Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Galant uses a torch at high temperatures quickly to char the surface of his Born 2 Burn series without damaging the inner core structure. After cooling, the pieces are impregnated with a substance that he has patented called epioftinol.  Then they enter a process of crystallization that lasts from weeks to months to cure. Finally all is coated with Varnish. 

burnt furniture Born 2 Burn process by Yaroslav Galant

Born 2 Burn Process

burnt furniture Baroque Dressing Table by Yaroslav Galant

Baroque Dressing Table by Yaroslav Galant

burnt furniture Born 2 Burn Series table by Yarsolav Galant

Born 2 Burn series by Yarsolav Galant

Yarsolav Galant with his Born 2 Burn series furniture

Yarsolav Galant and his Born 2 Burn Series Furniture

French Mosaic artist Suzanne Rippe wanted to push the blends of mosaic materials and incorporated wood into her pieces to make her works a blend of vegetable and mineral. ” Each creation begins with a piece of wood. The artist models it let herself be guided by its shape and implements a new story in it, a mineral one. 
“I bring old beams to life. Wood keeps the power and symbol of the tree, even when it is cut. and no one is indifferent to it. That is the way sculptures, totems, and pictures take shape is through lines, life lines with the emotional power of color” 
Suzanne has burned some of her mosaic wood works giving them a black charred finish, here are two wonderful examples of her furniture mosaic pieces.

burnt furniture Traverse Bench by Suzanne Rippe

Traverse Bench by Suzanne Rippe


burnt furniture Traverse Bench close up by Suzanne Rippe

Traverse close up


burnt furniture Bloc mosaic art by Suzanne Rippe

Bloc Stool or table by Suzanne Rippe

Hope you enjoyed this weeks showing of wonderful burnt furniture art, and It inspired you in some way to try burning up something yourself in the name of creativity!

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