Welcome to a new feature on the blog

” Tuesdays Favorite Finds “

Every other week I will be sharing my latest favorite finds, thrift store scores, garage sale items, or roadside finds. I may throw in other things as well that tickle my fancy here and there!

This feature is replacing the old “Tuesday’s Top Five Favorite Junk Finds” where I shared other artists works that inspired me.

Tuesdays Favorite Finds #28
Vintage Iron Plant Stand

Here we have an awesome vintage Victorian iron plant stand. Dear hubby brought this beauty home to me recently from driving around town during his work day. Would you believe that someone threw this beauty in the trash? Just look at all the lovely rusty patina acquired over the years. No I am not sand blasting and painting this one, I adore it just as it is.

reclaimed cabinet door

This is a reclaimed cabinet door is from an old television media cabinet that a neighbor threw into the trash, solid pine and yes I grabbed the two of them! I painted it in Chalk paint and created this great chalkboard. The chalk design was inspired from a Pinterest find, and yes I hand drew it if you were wondering. I need to redo this with chalkboard paint before I change the typography but I used what I had on hand at the time.

Note: You cannot use black chalky paint for a chalkboard, looks good but your chalk design ends up embedded into the paint, you need to use real chalkboard paint my friends.

rustic vignette

This vignette consists of items all found roadside, the watering can, dresser, food crate all for nothing! The Sewing table drawers from a garage sale for next to nothing. The printers tray also from a garage sale for a song – only because the seller was my Son’s teacher  I also scored some awesome vintage glass that day as well.

So just goes to prove the old adage “One Man’s Trash Is Another Mans Treasure”
Hope you enjoyed my fall porch loaded with my vintage favorite finds for a song.
Come sing along with me and scour those roadsides you never know what you may happen upon!


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