Welcome Back! Its time again for Tuesday’s  Favorite Finds #3 The theme of the week is re-purposed Lighting.

Repurposed Lighting Art

Tuesday's Top Five Favorite Junk Finds graphic by Brenda Young
This showing has gotten off to a slow start, I have so many projects in the works lately. The quest started off because I pulled out this great Victorian style floor lamp from storage that needs a little work, but I am focusing mostly on the lampshade. For those of you who don’t know, I do work with stained glass, and originally thought that I would fall to the old standby and make a glass shade, or maybe one of those intricate silk and beaded tassel jobs. But I wanted to create something a tad different.

 Now I adore junk lighting and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it in fact, however I am a bit undecided on which way to go with this project, so I turn to good old Google for some of that light bulb juice. This lampshade I want junky, but also with a classy edgy Victorian vintage charm. Well as it turns out I didn’t find that perfect inspiring piece for my particular project,  so the search goes on for that AH- HA moment ….But after a few hours of surfing, I stumbled across this incredible lighting studio that works specifically with up cycled items.

   As I scrolled through this studio’s site, every piece I laid eyes on I just became more and more excited and inspired, All the texture, vintage glass, rusty metal, vintage goodness going on…. I was in junkers Shangra La!  So you guessed it, this weeks top five are all from the same artist. Now I hope your not thinking,….” ugh .boring… I want to see some variety! “……but hold on…. Wait for it….. if your a vintage junk fan, and have an eye for art you are in for a treat my friends, these pieces are uniquely one of a kind. If you haven’t already seen this artist’s work, well then, you haven’t seen junk lighting of this quality before… so let me introduce you to …. the one and only…..

Andy Schulman @ AFTERGLOW

* All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artist and may be subject to copyright.

Based in Boulder Colorado, Andy not only creates one of a kind pieces in his production studio and design showroom for his lighting design and commercial art projects, he is also a member and administrator of the North Boulder Arts District, And a Team Leader and co-creator of CPB’s Motion Design Department.
First we have this awesome little number titled ” Bender”Assembled from an electric rectifier, compression springs and an assortment of different bulbs, this piece operated by a central panel containing 5 dimmers that control electricity to over 45 light bulbs. This piece was designed to showcase a city of filaments glowing at their lowest wattage, but engineered to handle all of them at full power. (w:19” h:22” d:10”) I love the overall design on this one!

Repurposed Lighting Art "Bender" by Andy Shulman of Afterglow

“Bender” by Andy Shulman

Check out this next one titled “Containered” Hand made from a glass jug, an assortment of medicine bottles, and a coffee grinder, this piece is a container of containers. It’s controlled by a dimmer and custom knob on its base.
(w:7″ h: 14″ d:7″)

Repurposed Lighting Art "Containered" by Andy Shulman of Afterglow

“Containered” by Andy Shulman

This third one is truly gorgeous! Six mismatched seltzer bottles are propped up and illuminated from within. With a 1.5″dia hole cored through their bases, each bottle acts as a ‘shade.’ Simply slip on/off to change the bulb. Operated by a rotary dimmer disguised as a drawer pull (front center of box). 

Repurposed Lighting Art "Seltzer Bottles" by Andy Shulman of Afterglow

“Seltzer Bottles” by Andy Shulman

How different is this one?“Skeleton Keys” Created from a camping toaster, Christmas tree stand and skeleton keys, this repurposed lighting assembly of dark iron casts an ominous amber glow, projecting filament patterns through its vents.
(w:6” h:8” d:6”) 

Repurposed Lighting Art "Skeleton Keys" by Andy Shulman of Afterglow

“Skeleton Keys” by Andy Shulman

Here is a one of a kind, “Shoendelier” This ornate and carefully arranged set of wooden shoe forms are attached to an 18th century belt pulley wheel and hung by chains equally as old. (w:18″ h:18″ d:18″) 

Repurposed Lighting Art "Shoendelier" by Andy Shulman of Afterglow

“Shoendelier” by Andy Shulman

Well that’s the top five for this week,  Andy has many more fabulous reurposed lighting art pieces on his website, I gathered a few to show his different designs, there are so many I admired you really should hop on over to his site and view the whole collection they are Fabulous! The Kettle Lantern, White Lightning, Centerfuse, Light Pinch, Tin Pan Alley, and Coal Irons, to name a few, be still my heart! 

I have saved the best for last, What? Six again? Well Yes! I’ve been posting six, keeping the last ” lil tid bit ” out of my posting picture link to bring you on over for more of course! I collect vintage bottles, have an affinity for them and all vintage glass actually, and I absolutely adore this piece, combines the best of both worlds for me! Isn’t it awesome?

“Chucked Wagon” An antique “Town and Country” wagon has been re purposed into a coffee table and illuminated by 12 bulbs disguised amongst an array of 75 pint-sized milk bottles. (w:44” h:19” d:15”)

Repurposed Lighting Art "Town and Country" by Andy Shulman of Afterglow

“Town and Country” by Andy Shulman

I really had such a hard time picking only five favorites because I loved them all so much! Be sure to hop on over to Andy’s site link below for more repurposed lighting eye candy, you’ll be glad you did! You can also find him on Pinterest and Facebook as well!

The artists links:

Well thanks for stopping by for the show, hope you enjoyed the repurposed lighting artworks, and see you next week!

Remember to ” Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”