Are you ready for Tuesday’s Top Five Favorite Junk Finds? Are you anticipating what this weeks theme will be? Fall is in the air and my favorite holiday is coming up fast, Halloween! Getting excited, but wait one second….no junk jack o lanterns or vintage spooky cutie creepy stuff yet! This week we have Owl Art works for you

Owl Art Sculptures

Tuesday's Top Five Favorite Junk Finds Graphic by Brenda Young

 My personal rule….. nothing Halloween until October! One of my pet peeves, decorating to early! But Owl art fits the bill.  You go to the mall in August and Halloween stuff is out already, Christmas Decor in October…. GAK! I don’t know about you but I want to be engrossed in spooky Horror flicks, costumes and pumpkin goodness, cinnamon and apples around Halloween not Santa, peppermint and pine overloading my senses! Tim Burton nailed it in ” Nightmare Before Christmas”. I also love to enjoy the fall before Halloween, slow down, step back, relax in the splendor and wonder of it all. One more week of Autumn before All Hallows Eve inspired collections.
 I refuse to conform to the commercialism I tell you. Not on my blog no sir. So this week I’m going to share some Fall inspired art made from recycled materials with all of you, ” Owl  Art ” there are some great pieces out there…. and Owls are well just so darn adorable and HOT right now! So here we go on with the show five of my favorites!
All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists and may be subject to copyright.
I really try to find art pieces that vary in their media for visual interest, and mass appeal I hope you enjoy this weeks round up! First we have this adorable junk assemblage owl art piece ” La Chouette ” by French Assemblage Artist Nathalie Trepanier. She not only creates wonderful sculptures but also has some unique furniture items on her site.I love the face on this one and the use of the vintage phone for the body.You can find her works at the Gallery Roccia in Montreal.

Junk Assemblage Owl Art "La Chouette" by Nathalie Trepanier

“La Chouette” by Nathalie Trepanier

Junk Assemblage Owl Art "La Chouette" by Nathalie Trepanier

“La Chouette” alternate view by Nathalie Trepanier

Next up is “Atlas ” by The Makerie Studios created from vintage atlas book pages, crystals in the eyes and a wood form base. The tones of the paper used make this piece look so au naturel. Their works are divine view the collection on their site. Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft are the collaborative artists at The Makerie Studios where they produce unique three dimensional paper sculptures. Some of their clients include Gucci and Nike.

Junk Book Assemblage Owl Art "Atlas" by Makerie Studios

“Atlas” by the Makerie Studio

Junk Book Assemblage Owl Art "Atlas" by Makerie Studios

“Atlas” alternate view by The Makerie Studio

 I adore this cutie! Did you think I would leave out one piece with a license plate incorporated? Nope not this week, you know I love them so. I adore that pop of neon green! “Painter Owl ” by Canadian Artist Bill Thomson. He creates assemblages, collages, digital art, photographs, trading cards, and more check out his site at the bottom of the post for more great things!

Junk Assemblage Owl Art "Painter Owl" by Bill Thompson

“Painter Owl ” by Bill Thomson

I am obsessed with vintage silver and this piece really speaks to me by Gary Hovey this owls head rotates! The artist has a ton of awesome to die for silverware sculptures over on his website this one is a small rendition,  a whole zoo of animals…  ugh I so want one! Be sure to visit!

Silverware Assemblage Owl Art by Gary Hovey

“Silverware owl “by Gary Hovey

Now here is one or ahem a few that will appeal to all the textile fabric crafters out there, by the talented Ann Wood , Google her she’s got a ton of these guys out there, they are so fab! She creates sculptures out of vintage garments Check out her site for wonderful creatures and various textile creations.

Soft Sculpture Textile Owl Art in Denim by Ann Wood

Soft Sculpture owl by Ann Wood

Soft Sculpture Textile Owl Art in Dark by Ann Wood

Dark Soft Sculpture Owls By Ann Wood

Well that’s it for this weeks Top 5 Favorite Junk Finds,….and here’s the bonus!

As usual I have saved My favorite for a last little treat, the best for last, take a gander at the design on this owl, I love the detailed texture and color, the mix of materials with some of my favorite junk. This piece is titled ” Blue And Gray ” by artist Jen Hardwick she has made a number of these little beauties in different styles, had difficulty choosing my favorite all of them are equally as nice, be sure to head on over to her site to check out more!

Junk Assemblage Owl Art " Blue And Grey" by Jen Hardwick

“Blue and Grey” by Jen Hardwick

You can find the featured artists at the following links:

And if you are still hankering to view some more Junk eye candy, I have a lot more Junk Art over on my Pinterest boards if you would like to take a gander and wallow in  Vintage Junkers Heaven! You can find my social links on the landing page, top right.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks round up and remember to…..
“Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”
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