It’s Tuesday and that means time for Tuesday’s Top 5 Favorite Junk Finds! Due to the fact that my favorite series The Walking Dead has launched their 4th season premiere this past Sunday, this weeks feature is an homage to zombies. Perfect for the season, so I thought I would share some great Halloween recipes fit for a zombie buffet! Warning these are not for the faint of heart, some are pretty downright wonderfully disgusting looking!  Enjoy!


A Zombie Buffet


The Walking Dead Graphic
The Walking Dead

All photos and artworks featured in this round up are to be credited to the featured artists and may be subject to copyright. 

For the aperitif  to wet your guests appetite offer a lovely Bloody Brain Shooter from the Ministry of Alcohol

Bloody Brain Shooter by Ministry Of Alcohol

Bloody Brain Shooter

  For the appetizer my favorite most disgustingly gory Halloween platter is the meat head! I would do the eyes differently, with cocktail onions and green olives then serve a deli meat platter with this, but this is horrifyingly wonderful! check out the video tutorial by Cooking with Sugar!


Add some creepy spider eggs Ala Martha Stewart…..

Martha Stewart Spider Eggs Appetizer
Martha Stewart’s Spider Eggs Recipe

Or better yet a lovely side dish of creepy Eerie Eyeballs from Friends Eat:

Eyeball Appetizer by Friends Eat
Eerie Eyeballs Recipe

And what respectable zombie buffet would be complete without worms? Here is a great tutorial video on how to make your own slimy worms for your gory table posted by Todd’s Kitchen. I would change the color though,… green worms? Add a little bit of crushed chocolate cookie wafers for dirt and voila simply gory!

For the main course? Serve ribs of course!

Barbecue Ribs
with perhaps some grilled sausages
Grilled Sausages
Along side a nice Shrimp Brain Pate,
Brain Shrimp Pate

For Dessert how about this intestines Puff Pastry concoction from The Kneed For Speed?

Intestine Puff Pastry by Kneed For Speed
Puff Pastry Intestines Recipe Tutorial

Beth at Hungry Happenings has got the knack for the beautiful yummy brain edibles, this year she posted these wonderful Brain Hemorrhage Gumdrops, last year she made these great oozing brain cakes! She has tutorials on her blog how to make them! Love them, How perfect to finish off a zombie buffet?

Brain Hemorrhage Gumdrops by Hungry Happenings
Brain Hemorrhage Gumdrops Recipe Tutorial
Bloody Brain Cake by Hungry Happenings
Cake Ball Brains Oozing Cherry Blood Recipe Tutorial
Hope you enjoyed this weeks round up, of food art ala zombie style!