A Scandalous Union Jack Trunk

What’s that you say? A Union Jack Trunk painted with American Paint?
Oh “Never Mind The Bollocks!”
What’s important here is how much I love this funky paint job.

The Before:

I have been admiring Union Jack painted furniture for a while now,and found a vintage little trunk on one of my trips to a church rummage sale that just cried for this paint job.There he is hiding in the back… no he wasn’t white but a light yellow,I just can’t capture colors properly inside the house.

The Design

I recently paid a visit to my friend Jodi’s new space at She’s So Shabby,
a local studio/shop to see the new color additions to the American Paint line, pick up some supplies,
check out her new adorable Shaba -licious Studio Van. , and just have some good old girl gab.
Anyway lets get on to the project at hand shall we? Here is the trunk painted in Home Plate,
with the design tape lines laid out:

It took a bit of measuring,
and figuring how I was going to wrap the lines over the edges of the piece,
but not difficult.

And here he is decked out in Born On The Fourth, and Fireworks Red waiting to dry,

Now I could have left him a dapper fellow, all crisp and clean cut.
But what girl doesn’t fancy a gander at a gritty bad boy once in a while?
I wanted this trunk worn like a well loved traveller.

Here you can just about make out some of that yellow peeking through the chippy layers and dark wax.

And here are some detail shots of the British Flag wrap around.
I just love the deep blue of this paint, would be a perfect color for something nautical,
I can’t wait to paint up something for the Fourth of July!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks workbench project of the Union Jack Trunk…
 Remember to “Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”