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Last week I shared a sneak peek of a small furniture collection I was working on, using some wonderful vintage image transfers. This is the unveiling post for the Nursery Collection, with a tutorial on how to use Omni Gel to transfer graphic images onto painted furniture. Here is The debut.

The Nursery Collection by Unique Junktique
While meandering through one of my favorite sites,
The Graphics Fairy, I came across these oh so cute bird nest graphics with toddlers in them, what could be more perfect for a nursery theme I ask you? We can’t forget about the nursery rymes on youtube either! What a apropo theme for a soon to be Mom feathering her nest, I just had to find a project to use them on, well I found a few!
How to use Omni Gel To Transfer An Image to Painted Furniture

How To Use Omni Gel To Transfer Images:

  • I chose to use the Omni Gel Transfer method as these images are under 12 inches, and I wanted the underlying paint color to show through with a painted texture effect finish.
  • I took the graphics to Fed Ex and had them laser printed, ( Inkjet copies will not work with this method, they will smear ). Only runs a few dollars.
  • Simply follow the directions on the bottle of Omni Gel. A tip: tape down your image with painters tape on a smooth surface to prevent the image from moving or buckling from the wet gel. ( I use an old bakers tray).
  • Apply three coats with a foam brush each coat in different directions, drying between each coat, this creates the desired handpainted texture. After all is good and dry- usually overnight, then cut your image to size.
  • Next apply water and rub off the paper in circular motions, you should end up with a thick rubbery transfer image that is shiny on one side and dull on the other.. Let it somewhat dry on a flat surface so its easier to handle.
  • Apply more Omni Gel to your painted surface and place your image dull side down to your surface. Let completely dry, then apply a thin topcoat. *NOTE: if you are applying to chalk painted furniture you will apply the image BEFORE your piece is waxed.
  • After all is good and dry, I used a fine sanding block lightly over the image and the surrounding area where the Omni Gel was applied, to remove all traces of gel that will show through the finishing wax, or topcoat.
  • Lastly, apply your protective topcoat, or wax finish.

…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”

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