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What is Unique Junktique all about anyway?

Well in a nutshell it’s my personal corner of creativity, I’m Brenda & I love to share about funky, vintage and eclectic decor. Things I create along with the stuff and people that inspire me as a Mom, Wife, and crazy dumpster diving, paint slinging, coffee guzzling, kid corralling, wanna be computer geek.

What can my blog do for you? Hopefully inspire you to celebrate your own creativity and all that makes you uniquely you! All the junk that life throws at us, turn it around and make it junktique. Weather it be a bowlful of lemons or a warehouse of unwanted heirlooms, make the best of what you got and Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!


This is My Story

I have a passion for all things vintage, they speak to me.

They whisper fond memories of yesteryear, of decades lost and era’s long gone.

Bringing new life to castoffs, makes me one happy artistic junker!

I get a re-funking thrill in the creative process.

Incorporating vintage finds I pick up along the way tugs on my nostalgic heartstrings,

hopefully yours as well.

Thats my Google Intro…

Now lets get a bit more personal like… You did grab your sweet tea, or iced cap? I’ve got mine… whew its a hot one down here in South Florida, as is most of the year. But our climate makes just about everyday a beach day so I have no complaints!

First off let me introduce myself, I’m Brenda Young, and this is my backstory:

Born and raised Southerner? Not quite… but I’ve been here since I was in diapers so that makes it legit in my eyes. I grew up in Boca Raton, and currently reside in what was once a tiny little vacation cottage in Delray Beach for the past 10 years  _ still tiny but our permanent home for now…. we are busting out the seams in our crackerjack cottage,…. wow it’s been that long already?

Happily married to a true Floridian with two kids, blessed with one of each. I do long for that small beach town vibe, I grew up in like the old Florida towns you can still find up the road a piece, as South Florida has grown leaps and bounds since I was a grasshopper. But the kids are the reason for staying here locally as their school is a great one, and my daughter is being geared towards entering some wonderful art schools in Palm Beach. Yup the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Grew up loving the outdoors, the ocean especially, the rivers,  the springs,  camping, kayaking, and you cant keep this girl away from the beach! I love Scuba diving, especially night diving although I haven’t had the chance to partake in scuba for quite a long while.

The best things about Florida? The Skies, are always gorgeous with billowing clouds an rays of sunshine, we see rainbows quite often. And the climate down here lends for year round gardening, Orchids in particular you can just strap them to a tree and they are good to go! My bleeding heart vine out front has been known to stop traffic, where passers by have stopped rattled my door and asked questions about it!

Gator with Butterfly
Sandpipers on Delray Beach
Florida Skyline

Examples Of My Work

The Coral Branch Dresser

October’s entry for the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest “Spray It Pretty” sponsored by Home Right.

September Entry for Geometric Design

Drexel Buffet With Geometric Design

This piece was Septembers entry for the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest ” Geometric Design” Sponsored by General Finishes.

Florida Keys Island Map Dresser by UniqueJunktique

Florida Keys Island Dresser

This piece was Augusts entry for the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest “Icing On The Cake” Sponsored by D Lawless Hardware.

Stained Art Horse Bench

Stained Art Horse Bench

This piece was July’s entry for the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest “Let Your Colors Burst” Sponsored by Unicorn Spit Stain.

oysters on the half shell french dresser set

Oysters On The Half Shell

An homage to the sea, this set was an instant hit. Be sure to check out the full post!

Repurposed Vanity Charging Station

Repurposed Vanity Charging Station

Created form a destroyed vintage vanity, and some vintage ceiling tin.

I really needed a place to recharge all our devices with some unique style, so I threw this baby together.

tiny stained glass lamp

Tiny Stained Glass Lamp

Itty Bitty lamp shade created with diachroic glass, this little sassifrass only measures 4.5 x 5 inches overall height. And she was alot to handle, tiny sized copper foil on tiny little pieces of glass.

Ironing Board With Mason Jars

Ironing Board With Mason Jars

What Southern Belle dosn’t love Ball Jars? And so happy that the Heritage line satisfies my love for color! This old ironing board looks great with candles too, I have to take a night shot!

rescued vintage suitcase

Rescued Vintage Suitcase

This vintage suitcase was a rescue piece. I found it with huge spray painted x’s on each side. Poor thing, she needed some paint love and a few vintage luggage labels to bring her back to life.

” These are the very labels you recieve when you sign up for our Newsletter! “

vintage shoe shine box

Vintage Shoe Shine Box

Plane Jane vintage shoe shine box, needed a touch of whimsy. A little paint and hand lettering did the job right.

New Orleans table and shelf

New Orleans Table & Shelf

This matched set was created with The Big Easy and Mardi Gras in mind. Meticulously paint layered, heavily distressed, double waxed and buffed to a high smooth polish to finish them off.

The Little Table That Could

The Little Table That Could

Another rescue, that had a frozen shut drawer, with some heavy wrangling it was coaxed into submission and given an overhaul The drawer front was destroyed from some previous abuse, solved that problem with a little faux diamond plate.  Good as new!

vintage glass blooms Garden art

Vintage Glass Blooms Garden Art

I adore vintage glass, and what better place to showcase those collectibles than in the sparkling South Florida sun in the garden! I hand paint these with glass paint, and use a top secret adhesive that stands up to the southern climate.

lifeguard beach rescue boat shelf

Lifeguard Beach Rescue Boat Shelf

As a native of South Florida,  many pieces I create reflect my love for the sea!

Stained Glass Bookshelves

Stained Glass Bookshelves

These lawyer bookshelves were in my room as a teenager, one of my first larger scale stained glass projects. That have survived through the years.

union jack trunk

Union Jack Trunk

Picked up this little trunk at a Church rummage sale, and gave him a makeover like a well travelled ruffian.

Vintage Style Halloween Parade Sticks

Vintage Style Halloween Parade Sticks

I love Halloween, especially vintage Halloween decor. I sculpted these vintage style victorian parade sticks with paper clay.  An homage to Bethany Lowe!

Storage Junk Drawers

Storage Junk Drawers

I created these for every bedroom to help solve the lack of storage we have in our little cottage. Rescued from a old abandoned dresser, they have wheels on the bottom for easy access. Each rooms junk drawers are designed a little diffrently to match the decor.

Salvaged Window Frame Stained Glass

Salvaged Window Frame Stained Glass

Created from a salvaged window I picked up from a house demolition in Deerfield Beach. The copper foil method was used with one of my favorite glass hues, Cobalt! This color combo is a stunner in the sunshine.

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