Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Tips to Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is undeniably one of the most environmentally-detrimental industries in the world today. If you are looking for effective ways to avoid fast fashion, here is how you can do it.

1. Check the Brand’s Certifications

Certifications are great proof of a brand’s sustainability and ethics. As a consumer who is on a sustainable lifestyle, checking a brand’s certifications is a good starting point. This will help you only purchase clothing from brands that are truly focused on sustainability.

2. Check the Clothing Brand’s Supply Chain

A reputable fashion brand will have no issues being honest about their supply chains as they are only sourcing their materials or products from sustainable and ethical suppliers.

3. Support Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Stores

Nowadays, there are some clothing stores that are dedicated to selling ethical and sustainable fashion items. Therefore, they deserve all the support from consumers.

4. Support Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands

Brands that challenge sustainability are the ones that deserve the utmost support from the fashion industry. As a consumer, supporting ethical and sustainable fashion brands is a good way to diminish fast fashion.

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