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Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion refers to the process and movement of cultivating change and sustainability to fashion products as well as the fashion system to achieve increased social justice and environmental integrity.

Sustainable fashion goes beyond addressing the biggest concerns in the fashion industry but also the entire fashion system.

Here are the top practices of sustainable fashion.

1. Waste Turned into Wardrobe Textiles

In sustainable fashion, wastes are recycled and turned into clothing textiles. One of the best examples for this is Econyl which is a nylon yarn made from carpets and fishnets. This nylon offers the potential of being recycled infinitely.

2. Indigo Dying is the Way to go

Wrangler, a USA denim company, has collaborated with Texas Tech University to get rid of the use of water in their dying process. They call this process “Indigood” which is foam crafted from a soaping agent that’s chemical-free.

3. Ethical Fashion and Consumption in Moderation

Sustainable fashion is all about fostering moderation of fashion product consumption and promoting ethical and sustainable fashion brands. There is no denying that sustainable fashion is shaping the future for the fashion industry socially and environmentally.

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