Sustainable Living

What are the Types of Chimney Dampers?

Dampers and flues are core components of fireplaces and chimneys. In fact, a damper regulates airflow within a fireplace for peak performance and energy efficiency.
However, it comes in various types, each designed to fit specific needs and configurations. They range from traditional throat dampers to innovative top-sealing dampers.
Understanding the diverse types of chimney dampers is essential to balance warm air retention and cold air exclusion. Read this till the end for more insight into the types of chimney dampers.

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Technology & Innovation

Everything You Need to Know About Chrysalix Technologies

For most people, finding the balance of living a sustainable life without compromising the quality of life can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, this is made possible by technology that has led to the introduction of Chrysalix technologies and bioeconomy.
Chrysalix Technologies is a spin-out company of Imperial College which is dedicated to developing an innovative and efficient process for biomass fractionation through the use of affordable ionic liquids.
Given that our current society is substantially relying on crude oil and products are put into the trash at the end of their lives, Chrysalix Technologies is here to find…

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Technology & Innovation

The Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the most innovative solutions to the ongoing global energy crisis. It is essentially energy sourced from resources that can be rapidly replaced through natural processes.
Here are the categories of renewable energy:


There are a lot of benefits that can be accrued from using renewable energy. Below is a list of the biggest advantages renewable energy offers.
1. Doesn’t Run Out
As renewable energy is sourced from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, etc., it never …

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Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry

Ethical and sustainable jewelry essentially means responsible and transparent sourcing methods and the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials to make jewelry. It delivers very minimal impact to the environment and it is not involved with any issue or conflict.
This industry is also known for giving back to employees by giving them a safe working environment and fair wages. When looking for ethical and sustainable jewelry, here are a few points you need to consider.
1. Quality before Quantity
If you are living a zero-waste lifestyle, then shopping for jewelry probably only comes to your mind a …

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Zero Waste

Zero-Waste Toilet Papers Available in the Market

Toilet paper not only amounts to a huge section of waste being deposited in landfills regularly but it is also one of the biggest reasons for massive deforestation around the world. Therefore, by leading a zero-waste lifestyle, it is only right that you get rid of traditional toilet paper and consider zero-waste toilet paper.
Below are the most effective toilet paper alternatives you can find today.
1. Recycled Toilet Paper
If you think recycled toilet paper is crafted from used ones and you think it’s gross, then you are mistaken. Recycled toilet paper is made from other types of paper products …

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Zero Waste

What Does Zero Waste Mean?

If you are on a sustainable lifestyle journey, then you probably bumped into the term “zero waste” several times.
Just like an ethical and sustainable lifestyle, zero-waste living is also getting the buzz. However, not everyone is keen on what it truly means.
Just as the term suggests, zero waste essentially means living with minimal to zero waste. Although it touches every aspect of life, it mainly pertains to product usage.
To help you better understand the term zero waste, here are the five Rs of it.

Refuse– Reuse what is unnecessary such as single-use plastic, coffee …

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Sustainable Living

Eco-Friendly and Ethical Bedding Brands To Check Out

Impressively, the market is packed with sustainable beddings for individuals that value sustainable living. If you are searching for an eco-friendly bedding brand, then you need to check these companies out.
1. PlushBeds
PlushBeds is a bedding company that is renowned for producing eco-friendly and top-quality bedding pieces. The company is well-known for its sheets that are made from organic cotton that is GOTS-certified. They also produce a quilt comforter that is crafted from Eco-Wool®.
2. Pact
This sustainable bedding brand showcases style and sustainability. The …

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