Day: April 16, 2021

Zero Waste

Zero-Waste Toilet Papers Available in the Market

Toilet paper not only amounts to a huge section of waste being deposited in landfills regularly but it is also one of the biggest reasons for massive deforestation around the world. Therefore, by leading a zero-waste lifestyle, it is only right that you get rid of traditional toilet paper and consider zero-waste toilet paper.
Below are the most effective toilet paper alternatives you can find today.
1. Recycled Toilet Paper
If you think recycled toilet paper is crafted from used ones and you think it’s gross, then you are mistaken. Recycled toilet paper is made from other types of paper products …

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Zero Waste

Tips for Zero-Waste Living

Living a zero-waste life requires you to be more deliberate and intentional. Here are five efficient and impactful tips for a zero-waste lifestyle.
1. Start Composting
Composting is undoubtedly the easiest and fastest way to achieve a successful zero-waste living and minimize the waste you deposit to landfill. When you take composting seriously, you will discover that a lot of trash is organic matter and therefore essential for soil health.
2. Gather Difficult to Recycle but Recyclable Stuff
Before you throw anything in the trash or recycling bin, take the time to do a …

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