Signs, signs, everywhere are chalk signs!

I love all the chalkboard signs and the fabulous use of lettering that have just swarmed the decor market this past year! Here are some tips for creating your own.

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7 tips for creating your own chalkboard signs - by Unique Junktique

Here are some examples of some signs I recently created for myself:

junk chalkboard sign

Junk Chalkboard Sign:

I found a multitude of great typography and chalkboard design sources of online, and recreated this cute Junk homage freehand using different fonts and designs, the sealed the over all design with a poly acrylic, cause I love how this one came out and want to keep the design permanent!

give it your best chalkboard saw sign

Saw DIY Chalkboard Sign

I love this unique saw sign! Nope I cant credit this design as my own, actually found this great sign on Pinterest by Cabin Club on Etsy and simply had to recreate one for my studio space.

coffee and wine chalkboard sign

Coffee And Wine Chalkboard Sign

Those who follow me on Facebook may have seen this one in my feed, a cute chalkboard design I stumbled upon, and refashioned it to make it my own by freehand. This one I chose to not seal as I plan on updating the design with the seasons for my decor. I love all the vibrant colors and detailed work chalk markers provide.

7 Tips For Creating Your Own Chalk Signs:

  • Use chalk board paint for your writable surface.
  • Seal chalk painted trim areas before you season your board.
  • *Season the chalk board first before you add your design.
  • Copy a design and trace or stencil it on with pencil or regular chalk if you cant do it freehand.
  • Use chalk markers instead of regular chalk for your design, the colors are vibrant!
  • Have a wet rag on hand to immediately erase any mistakes.
  • Seal your chalk design with polyacrylic spray if you plan on keeping it!

* Season the board by rubbing it down heavily with wet chalk, and erasing with a wet rag.

My Review On Chalk Markers:

Chalk markers are great to use for creating chalk signs, the design comes out so much more crisp and the colors are super vibrant over regular chalk. They are erasable if you use a wet rag. and you can make your design permanent if you spray over your design with a can of poly acrylic!  Here are the Chalk Markers by Stardom Craft that I purchased to create these projects.