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” Favorite Finds #29″

Every other week I will be sharing my latest favorite finds, thrift store scores, garage sale items, or roadside haul aways. I may throw in other things as well that tickle my fancy here and there! This weeks theme is Metal Finds.

Tuesdays Favorite Finds #29
Vintage silverplate trophy ff#29


I am always on the hunt for vintage silverplate either for artwork, or my personal collection. Lately I have been trying to build my trophy collection and the nice large trophy cups are always out of my priceline. Luck was with me, and I scored this ice bucket golf trophy at a local thrift for only 4 bucks! Pretty nice hunk of metal.

Bakers rack ff#29

Bakers Cooling Rack

My Hubby always has an eye for finding the best whatnots for me, He picked up this vintage metal bakers drying rack roadside for me the other day. It’s just perfect for my studio! What a great rack for storing projects in process out of the way neatly organized. Now All I need is to come up with some trays for it… hmm make them out of wood,  restaurant supply, or Craigslist cookie sheets?

singer sewing machine

Pedestal Singer

I have been on the hunt for one of these babies for years for the right price that is, and what could be better than free? As a picker, if you can hold out long enough eventually it will come! If I can’t find it someone always pulls through for me, Hubby to the rescue once again! He scored this one from one of his customers who just had it sitting in her carport for 1o years, and just wanted rid of it. I’ve got a project in mind for the metal base, anyone in need of a sewing machine? Contact me lets barter a trade, I’ve got two of these gorgeous machines stocked in the hoard now and no idea what to do with them.

metal junk

Metal Whatnots

Found some more of these to add to the collection, I’ve been hoarding these vintage Jello Molds and silverplate chafing dish lids a while now for upcoming repurposing projects I have on the drafting board, just waiting to find the perfect integral pieces for completion. I’ll just have to keep you in suspense on those projects for now…

So just goes to prove the old adage “One Man’s Trash Is Another Mans Treasure”
Hope you enjoyed this weeks haul of my  favorite vintage finds.
Come along and scour those roadsides you never know what you may happen upon!