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Unique Junktique is the new home of Fridays Furniture Fix!

My Blogging Gal Pal Lucy over at Patina Paradise has decided to take a break from blogging land for a while, and has graciously passed the torch on over to me to keep this Furniture party rockin and rollin. I just couldn’t see one of my favorite gathering places for furniture artists fade on off into the sunset!

Us furniture artists, need a place to congregate, share our inspirations, and make real connections with each other. So I hope Ya’ll will be sure to stop back on by this coming Thursday Eve to share the latest from your workbench and keep this party rollin!

Big Plans For Fridays Furniture Fix

I’ve got some lofty plans in the works for this soiree, I would like to see this little party really grow and become a creative outlet with fringe benefits for furniture artists. I’ve got some ideas a brewing but in all honesty, let’s just lay it out there…. the real success of this will depend on everyone’s participation.

I hope it’s not just me, and I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way,  as but have you noticed all the furniture linkies that have come and gone over the past couple of years? I think that if  some giveaways were offered as a fringe benefit for participants they would have been much more successful.

I myself as a flipper really enjoyed the furniture specific parties to help not only get my projects seen, but they allowed me to connect with other artists and build great relationships within my niche. I want to keep this venue open for all flippers as I think it holds an important place in our creative field.

I will be actively looking for sponsors to host small giveaways, and perhaps bringing in a few co hosts in the near future as this thing grows into the creative gathering space I envision.


Regardless of sponsorship or assistance,  I hope to keep this thing running as a creative outlet and gathering place for my fellow furniture artists. We need this Ya’ll!

Are you perhaps interested in supporting Fridays Furniture Fix as a sponsor?

If you are a brand looking for additional exposure by sponsoring a giveaway in a great venue, contact me lets talk!


I want to help this party really rock with fringe benefits for flippers!

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