I love the vibe of New Orleans, it’s history, culture, music and romantic southern roots , it has a pulse like no other. I wanted to try to create a piece that captures the colorful vibe of Mardi Gras. Here is my latest, I found these two separately, but they just belonged together. The lines just called out for a bright funky furniture finish with that New Orleans ” je ne sais quoi  . These pieces were junky finds, I should have taken before photos as they sure were a sore sight.

Funky Furniture With a Mardi Gras Theme

 New Orleans Table and Shelf


  The shelf was painted with a topcoat of hideous brown gloss spray paint full of drips and it smelled horrible. The table’s finish was drab and worse for wear, with numerous stains and a bit dinged up. But nothing a little wood filler couldn’t fix. The pair had a few issues but great bones.

  The Ce Ce Caldwell chalk paint line has the perfect colors for the look I was going for. So I headed down to my locaI supplier and grabbed some New Orleans Purple, Emerald Island Green, & Santa Fe Turquoise, had some fun trying out different techniques for the vibe I wanted, then distressed and polished them up with clear and aging wax.
  I love how they turned out, and look forward to displaying them in my place for a while. 

New Orleans Inspired Set

With a bit of Mardi Gras flavor

green and purple chalk paint table
green and purple chalk painted shelf
Have you been inspired lately by a project you have seen online, or a place you may have visited recently? I would love to hear about it
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