The Ultimate 7 Tools You Need To Be A Better Handyman - by Michael Barton

I would like to introduce the wonderful author behind Power Tools Planet, Michael Barton and his most helpful article released just in time for making your lists and checking them twice!  I hope his Guest Post will help you find the perfect gifts for all the Do It Yourself types in your life…. I know few are on my wish list!

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The Ultimate 7 Tools You Need To Be A Better Home Handyman – by Michael Barton

If you consider yourself a handyman and love DIY projects, you’ve probably got your basic tool set already — a trusty hammer, tape measure, level, circular saw, and more—all the obvious ones you need to get started as a home do-it-yourselfer.

But if you are thinking of bigger projects and even more home improvements and woodworking projects, we got some good news, you can totally do this, but you will definitely need a bigger arsenal.

Most likely you won’t afford to buy all these power tools at once, but start with the most important and then take your time.

So here are the ultimate 7 tools you need in order to finish your projects (and start new ones) not even faster, but easier and, of course, better.

Ryobi Miter Saw courtesy of Amazon

1 – A Miter Saw

A miter saw will always be a top choice and I personally consider it the most essential DIY power tool, that every handyman should own. This versatile saw allows you to make fast, precision crosscuts and angle cuts. It’s the perfect tool for cutting trim and is indispensable for woodworking projects. Right now, on the market, there are many different miter saws available, prices starting from 100$ all the way to even 600$. Of course, it’s important to pick the right one for you. Before buying one, think ahead what exactly you plan on doing with it and then look closely at all the characteristics you need for your future projects.

But, don’t forget. A miter saw is basically the most important, so set your priorities straight and before buying the other power tools, buy this one first. You can basically do quite a bit of home improvement with nothing but a miter saw, hammer, and nails.

porter cable air compressor courtesy of Amazon

2 – Air Compressor and Nail Gun

I know I said before that you can do things with only a miter saw, a hammer and nails, but if you find yourself trying to it’s to install baseboards, crown moulding, and frame out doorways with a hammer and nails, an air compressor with a nail gun will make your life a lot easier, and will allow you to do those projects a lot faster.

You can purchase an air compressor and nail gun for about 160$, more or less. The gun is perfect for tacking together different pieces of woodworking projects, installing trim and molding, and fixing old furniture.

You will be surprised how often you will use these two together, so it’s definitely worth investing some of your money in an air compressor and nail gun!

skillsaw circular saw courtesy of Amazon

3 – Circular Saw

Of course, is preferred to own a table saw, but for those who don’t have room for one or who just don’t afford one, because let’s face it, it can be pretty expensive, a circular saw will do just fine.

A circular saw is the tool you will mostly use to make long and straight cuts; for example, if you plan on cutting pieces of plywood for a project, you’ll need to make some straight cuts and you will also need a long fence and something to hold the fence while you’re cutting.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on this tool, since a basic one will do just fine. Of course, try not to buy the cheapest one, but really, no need to buy a fancy one or something like that. As long as you can push the button and the blade spins, it will do the job.

Black and Decker Jigsaw courtesy of Amazon

4 – Jigsaw

To be honest, a jigsaw is not really indispensable and most handymen can do without it, but it’s really one of my favorite tools, so that’s why is on the list.

But, of course, it has its benefits. A jigsaw gives you the cutting power and the flexibility that you need for many constructions and craft applications. They can be used on a variety of materials, such as wood, light metals, plastic, and a lot more.

Personally, I would not recommend buying the cheapest jigsaw you can find out there, but there’s no need for a really expensive one either. Before purchasing one, think about how you plan on using it and what your needs are. How much freedom of the movement you will need, will you use it for extended periods of time, etc.

Critter paint sprayer courtesy of Amazon

5 – Paint Sprayer

This is a very cool addition and is totally worth a place on my list.  It is said that a paint sprayer can actually apply a coating ten times faster than brushing and four times faster than rolling. So, besides that they are saving you a lot of times, they also give a uniform finish and are easy to use in tight areas.

The sprayer I have is called Critter and you can find it on Amazon for less than 50$. You can fill up two or three jars before you start your project so that you won’t have to stop in the middle of the project and refill, and if you have any leftover, just pop a lid on it and store the jar. Easy as that.

They are not expensive at all, but you will need an air compressor to hook it up to. So, good thing I mentioned the air compressor above, right?

Also, it’s very important to keep in mind that this sprayer is not made for big projects such as spraying the walls or house exteriors. For those, you will need a sprayer that shoots a whole lot more paint. But this one is perfect for painting your furniture, kitchen cabinets and smaller projects. It really is useful, but use it wisely.

Porter Cable reciprocating saw courtesy of Amazon

6 – Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is the king of demolition work. With the right blade, it will quickly chew through wood, metals, tubing and a lot more. Reciprocating saws are mostly used in construction, plumbing and electrical jobs. In addition, their use will depend upon the added features purchased with the device.

So if you intend to purchase one, you should consider several factors. For example, you should decide how much tool movement you will require with the saw in addition to the accessibility of power outlets. Moreover, you should assess the weight and size of the unit along with the length of time you will usually need it to run.

The blade is also important, make sure you pick the right one for your needs. As I mentioned before, always think ahead about what you plan on using the power tool on, how often, etc.

They are not expensive and the prices start at less than 50$, so it’s definitely a must.

Irwin speed square courtesy of Amazon

7- Speed Square

The last one on my list is also the cheapest one, the speed square. It usually costs around 8$. Every handyman has one of these in their tool belt, and not without a reason. It’s perfect for quickly marking cut lines on lumber and it also serves as a guide for cutting with a circular saw.

Speed squares are also called angle square, rafter angle square and square layout tool. There’s not a lot to say about purchasing a speed square because it’s not rocket science, just pick one and I will assure you it will do the job.

So, there are my current recommendations for all the handymen out there. If you are also passionate about DIY projects and have some power tools recommendations, please do not hesitate to let us know! This list can be a lot bigger.

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 Michael Barton is an avid home improvement enthusiast who loves everything about improvement and modern house gadgets. You can find his reviews on his website, and connect with him on Facebook.

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